Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One in - three out

New walking shoes have been on my clothes shopping list for some time and I finally took action.  Based on the recommendation of a friend I went to a locally owned running shoe store where they actually do some specific evaluation of your feet and gait before recommending the right potential shoes.  I tried on 3 pairs and ended up with these.

Ironically, they are the same brand as I have bought for years.  I read the tag and was happily surprised to learn that they were manufactured in the US.  They have a lot more cushioning than the model I had before and since I walk on pavement my hips and one knee have been complaining about the old shoes.

The best thing that happened though from my perspective is I came home and threw out three pairs of shoes that had very worn soles.  Why was I holding on to and wearing these shoes that had lost their cushioning?  I guess I wanted to make sure they were really worn out LOL.  Now I have fewer pairs but they are all in good shape!  My body will thank me.


  1. I had to laugh at this - I buy new running shoes on my birthday every year, but I CANNOT make myself throw out the old pair. So I have 1/2 dozen pairs lined up on the shoe rack, none of which I should wear! And then my newest pair is never where I need them to be, of course. Since that shoe rack is full of old shoes...LOL

  2. That is pretty funny Sybil - so did you throw them out? I do keep one old pair for yard work, etc. My feet are loving the new shoes and the dog the longer walks.

  3. So I kept one pair for yard work. Then another pair for painting. Then another pair to keep in my car 'just in case'. Then another pair in the garage 'in case'. You can see how this is going for me.....


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