Monday, October 24, 2011

Packing light for a business trip

Not this!

Early tomorrow I head off on a 3 day business trip.  I've been working with this client for 11 years with a couple years off in the middle due to health problems.  Half of the team that will be there has been with the project for 10 years.  So they have seen my clothes over and over again.  Oh well, I'm sure they don't really think about what I wear!

So what to pack?  I've already minimized the paperwork I have to take (paper is remarkably heavy), decided on one pair of shoes which I will wear and always wear jeans on the plane and take black slacks.  The issue of course is that I have to change planes and although I could check my bag I really don't want the risk of having it not show up at my destination.  I do check it on the way home and the client will reimburse for that.  On the outbound trip though I still have to get it into the overhead compartment twice and schlep it around two airports.  I'm short, so a heavy suitcase is sometimes hard to maneuver overhead.

Today Vivienne posted lovely ideas for what to wear to spice up black pants, but I don't have any clothes like that.  I do think I'll try to forgo the black cardigan sweater this time though and see if I can't create some more interesting combinations!  Wish me luck.

Update: Checked the weather predictions (I'm heading north and it will be cooler and rainy) and since I only want to wrestle with a raincoat, the black cardigan is going in for an extra layer when I have to walk between the hotel and work site.  The raincoat and briefcase and everything else fit in my roll aboard.  Just a suitcase and purse - love it!


  1. My suitcase would be light based on the amount of clothes I have hanging in my closet! :)! I just organized my closet and found out I don't have very many things to wear!!

    Have a safe trip!

  2. My suitcase is always so packed, it's hard for me to pack light.

  3. Sharon, I saw your post and you don't have much in your closet. I have a minimal wardrobe too but don't put things away for the seasons instead just moving them to the sides.

    Michell P, I developed a shoulder problem when I traveled a lot with a heavy carry on and that cured me of packing too much!


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