Thursday, October 20, 2011

How close are you to a zero waste lifestyle?

I have to admit I really support the idea of a zero waste lifestyle but don't live one.  We try to reduce what we buy both overall and in terms of packaging, but it still comes into the house in some quantity.  We reuse and recycle as possible.  Still there is trash each week.

Thanks to Mrs. Green for bringing to my attention Zero Waste Lifestyle's A Zero Waste ABC
We do a lot of the things on this list and right now the balance feels about right given the other demands on our time.  My main focus right now is to buy fewer non-food items or, if we do need to buy, make sure I make the most responsible purchase.  We are also in the process of releasing our excess into the universe so others can use it - decluttering anyone.  This week's big release will be the extra dehumidifier that is sitting in the basement.  It was too small for the space to be addressed, but for some reason was kept.  It works fine - someone else can use it instead of buying a new one.

What kind of balance are you striking between zero waste and waste?

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  1. We don't live a zero waste lifestyle either, I would like to though.


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