Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Healthy Menu Planning in Reverse - What we cooked for dinner this week

On Saturday we bought way too many greens at the farmer's market after forgetting that I had bought a bag of spinach in addition to lettuce on Wednesday.  That's a picture of the haul above including a huge amount of arugula, rainbow chard and beets with greens.  The granola is what happens when your hubby agrees to walk up with you and carry the bags home.

- leftover chicken-barley-carrot soup, salad
- book club night/eating out
- leftover BBQ pork on buns, leftover butternut squash, chunky applesauce
- eggplant parmesan, mixed greens & beet salad, green beans
- salmon, beet greens, brown rice
- hearty mixed green and vegetable salad, leftover eggplant parmesan, grapefruit
- chicken, broccoli, leftover brown rice

See the increase in greens in the menu midweek?  There will be more this week as we still have the rainbow chard to cook and lots of salad greens.

Best find of the week was Trader Joe's artichoke and spinach dip (in the freezer section).  Recommended by a friend, I thought it was the perfect thing to take to book club along with veggie chips and wine of course.  You just microwave it, stir, microwave some more and it is yummy!

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