Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2012 Planning - Good questions to consider

Very good questions (and my short version answers) from Yes magazine's Less is More poster which can be found here. 


1. Nourish My Spirit

What things give me the greatest joy? (Not things at all but time with family and dog, viewing art, being outdoors on a beautiful day, etc.)

What makes me feel fulfilled, useful? (Helping others through my exec. coaching practice or volunteering; making sure we eat healthfully and have activities to enjoy)

When do I feel least joyful, least fulfilled? (Shopping for clothes or home/yard items; cleaning house; doing yard work)


2. Put My Money Where My Values Are

Do I spend money on things that don’t bring me joy? (Of course - top of the list is home repair/maintenance spending)

Can I find less expensive ways to travel, exercise, entertain? (This is one of my goals for 2012 -although exercising will stay the same - while at the same time increasing our fun quotient)


3. Build Relationships and Support My Community

What can I share? (Time, knowledge/skills, tools, etc.)

What skills, services, products can I offer others? (I am really good at planning, organizing and at helping others think through difficult interpersonal interactions or draw conclusions from large amounts of information.  Then there are all of those 4-H learned skills like sewing, budgeting and cooking.)

What opportunities do I have to barter and allow more people to operate outside the cash economy? (I have great neighbors and book club members who freely lend items if asked.  I'll have to think about the bartering.)

Where can I connect with my community to create a safety net for myself and others? (Find even more local businesses to support; continue to raise money for library and see if there is a way to be involved in literacy program; see if book club wants to do a project related to literacy or food security; ask others for ideas.)


4. Say Enough is Enough

How much do I need to meet basic needs? (Less than I have)

How much do I need beyond that to be happy? (Enough to travel to see family around the country and experience the things that bring us joy)

Can I meet any of those needs without spending money? (Yes, there are many free experiences available in this city and I can take advantage of more of them)


5. Decide How Much Job I Really Need

Can I work fewer hours? (I made the choice to do this some time ago due to health problems.  Although healthy now I have kept my work in balance with the rest of my life.)

Can I share my job with someone else? (This doesn't apply as I am a free lance consultant.)

Do I have enough freedom to make the job I’ve always wanted?  (Yes, however now it is in the context of creating a retirement/third stage of life design that will help me thrive for the rest of my life.)

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