Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to A Boomer Girl's Guide

Welcome to my new blog.  I celebrated my 62nd birthday today and look forward to spending the coming year sharing my thoughts about creating a healthy and happy life as I get older.  I have a 90 year old Mom and my Dad lived to 87 so I anticipate a long life for myself.

What defines my life at this point?  I volunteer to raise money for my local library, read endlessly, work part time, have a little dog we adopted late last year, love my weekly Pilates training sessions while hating clutter.  Coffee at the local coffee roaster/shop, a book club friends of 10 years, time with family spread out over the country, two terrific sons and a great husband are important parts of my life.  I really like to go to art exhibits, am quite visually oriented and love colors and interesting designs.  I want to increase my energy level and define goals to guide me forward with enthusiasm.

Those are a few entries in my current life guide.  Join me in creating many more!

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