Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updating beneficiaries

Making a list of all of our assets led to double checking for the first time who we had listed as beneficiaries on each.  It turns out there were quite a lot to check: credit union and bank accounts, I-bonds, life insurance, retirement funds, and government pension accounts.  All were correct as to the primary beneficiary, but we had to make some changes regarding contingent beneficiaries to make sure our sons were listed where possible.  Since we have no grandchildren and our sons aren't married, it was interesting to learn that, if a contingent beneficiary for our retirement accounts was deceased, their share went to the other contingent beneficiary unless we wrote a letter specifically stating differently.  We still need to talk to our sons to see if that matches their wishes.  I have added reviewing beneficiaries to our annual financial review done early each January.  I think this is especially important as we get older.

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