Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Healthy Wednesdays - The Low Salt Pantry

Years ago due to an acute health problem we had to take our already low salt diet down a notch to minimal salt.  During that process we learned about some no salt products we hadn't imagined such as no salt added baking powder.  We also learned to make no salt added bread (you haven't lived until you've had to eat that! LOL).  We've been able to ease up on the salt restriction, but still want to keep our salt intake low for our general health.

So we've stayed with the no salt added peanut butter, ketchup, and chili powder as well as no salt added canned tuna, tomatoes, and beans.  We also make good use of low sodium soups, chicken broth, salad dressings and soy sauce.  But my favorite low salt items are condiments that add flavor easily to food.  This includes Dijon mustard of course, but also chutney, dill sauce, and teriyaki sauce.

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