Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healthy Wednesdays - Eat white produce to reduce stroke risk

Do you like apples or pears?  How about bananas, cauliflower, chicory, cucumber or mushrooms?  Eating these foods may help lower your risk of having a stroke according to a recent study.  The study found that stroke risk was 52 percent lower for people who consumed lots of white fruits and vegetables (at least the amount comparable to one medium to large apple or more than 78 grams).  Apples and pears were reported to reduce stroke risk the most.

Researchers in the Netherlands decided to track fruit and vegetable intake based on the color of the largest edible portion of the food. The categories were green (broccoli, kale, spinach and lettuce), orange/yellow (oranges, carrots and peaches), red/purple (cherries, grapes, beets and tomatoes) and white (apples, pears, bananas and cauliflower).  There was no relationship between stroke risk and consumption of any of the brightly colored fruits and vegetables although they may well have other health benefits.   Read more about this study here or here.

Although this is just one study and the results need to be confirmed by additional research it is interesting.  I don't eat many apples but my husband has one a day with his lunch.  I think I'll try to ensure that I have a banana or pear each day as I like both. 

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