Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thankful Thursday #7 - Nov 5th

You know you have grown accustomed to pandemic living when you go to the library for curbside pickup and are very surprised to see people standing in a line at the library entrance! It is an early voting spot and I went on Saturday but I did do a double take! I wonder how strange it will feel when we can actually be back in our public spaces with other people?

Anyway, still many things to be thankful for this past week including this glorious sunset viewed from our front entry.

1. I finished stocking up our over the counter meds and other illness supplies by receiving my order of disposable masks and buying more acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I even had a CVS coupon to get 25% off on one of them.

2. Things are slowly opening up here. I looked up some of the places I really enjoy going and yeah! The restroom on the Ventura pier is open again so we went to the coast for an ocean dose on Wednesday. It was socked in beyond the beach most of the time we were there. One thing I love about the ocean coast is that it is different every time you look at it!

I really enjoy the creativity of rock sculptures on the beach and this was a new variation.

We had our favorite salmon tacos for lunch at a small restaurant on the pier. Grilled salmon, arugula, avocado, pumpkin seeds, chipotle cream sauce and red chili sauce on corn tortillas.

3. I also see that my local artist coop gallery that has wonderful shows is opening for limited hours with limited people allowed. Can't wait to do that too.

4. Poodle girl had a good spa day and came home with a great haircut so she is all set until mid December although we will give her at least one bath in the interim. She is so happy when she walks out after grooming that it is comical but it must feel really good to her to have the whole experience. The groomer is so kind and sweet to her too.

5. Hubby got a flu shot! Now this shouldn't be a big deal but ever since he had a painful arm for 6 months after getting one at work years ago he has been unwilling to do it. No problems this time. The pandemic plus flu season argument was successful lol.

6. I was able to get my foot into yet another pair of shoes although it was tight. The swelling has gone down dramatically and I am working on my ankle flex and strength building only now vs all the other steps earlier. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have to get a CVS order in. Nice beach photos!

  2. I love rock art, too. I wish I could see it in person.

  3. Boy does that photo of the fogged in Ventura pier bring back a flood of memories of freezing more often than not at the beach whenever I/we went there. And why I never understood wanting to live by the beach until we moved 100 miles south to OC, and I learned that sun and beaches could actually co-exist. LOL!

    Our best friends, who live in Moorpark, love that fish taco place too! One of these days we have to get there, sheesh!

    So nice that things are opening up for you little by little there. We're pretty much fully open here in OC, no big surprise give where much of OC is politically. Sigh.

    1. Haha about cold weather at the beach. It was actually a nice day to be outdoors.

  4. Saw your post of Stumble onto the Blogwagon-

    Love the beach! Thank you for sharing the photos.


  5. I do so wish we had such a lovely beach to go to. Love the rock sculpture.

    God bless.


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