Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just a few personal goals for 2015

In my quest for a happy retirement I have decided to really limit my goals for the coming year. So I only have 4 goals for 2015.

1. Work out at the gym twice a week (unless traveling, etc.).

2. Buy the clothing needed to have a wardrobe I love to wear that fits my life right now.

3. Go through all files, office supplies and my books and only keep what brings me happiness, is used regularly or will be used up over time.

4. Disentangle from all of my volunteer roles for the Friends of the Library in preparation for moving.

Beyond those it is simply to love and be loved, have fun and find joy in everyday life even when it involves chores LOL.

What are your priority goals for the coming year?


  1. Happy New Year Juhli :)

  2. Sounds like well-thought out and achievable goals. I have similar thoughts as you for #1, 2, & 3. As far as #4, I'm actually hoping to do some volunteering in 2015 (but I understand why you want to disentangle). Happy New Year!

  3. Those are right to the point - just what you need!