Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A good reminder - I'm pretty spoiled

I was feeling frustrated because the dishwasher is full and I shouldn't turn it on until 7 pm because of our time of use electricity plan - then I figuratively smacked myself on the forehead.  I'm pretty spoiled if that is my biggest problem.  So instead here is what is good right now.
 All the flowers that were blooming in my yard right now are on the table.  I found a duplicate vase to declutter while I was at it.
 Dinner is ready and waiting.  I made a salmon nicoise using leftover cooked salmon.
 Added some homemade biscuits.
 I spent just a little more than enough at the grocery store to get two $50 gas cards for $40 each.
 The poodle girl got her summer haircut while I was at the store and is feeling much cooler now.
There was just enough wine left in my "3 buck Chuck" bottle of Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc for a pre-dinner drink!

What a great day!


  1. A great day indeed. We can only laugh at ourselves sometimes, right? Your salmon nicoise looks delicious. And poodle girl! She is gorgeous.

    1. Poodle girl says thank you. Wish my hairdresser could do such a transformation so easily LOL.

  2. Yes another great day. We tend to concentrate on what we hav'nt got so glad you turned that around, now it's my turn.....

    1. Very good point - it can be easy to slip into thinking about what we haven't got.


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