Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who did Thoreau's laundry?

So I've been thinking about simple living / minimalism / rightsizing a lot lately.  I read an apologetic post where the blogger apologized for not simplifying and then the thought popped into my mind - Who did Thoreau's laundry?

Simplicity is a lovely ideal but someone has to cook the meals, weed the yard, earn a living, and yes, do the laundry.

An interesting perspective on this from the point of view of gender roles, environmentalism and simple living can be found here -Thoreau's Laundry


  1. Thought provoking and true (the article). All the green and/or minimalist living changes that have happened around here have been all my doing. Master Bliss either just adapts and goes along with it or sighs and says he doesn't get it. While I enjoy the changes we have made it does take effort and a lot of thinking outside the box. And I have stopped beating myself up for not doing the green/minimalist living thing perfectly.

    1. You said it so well! Same story here although things like a programmable thermostat or higher efficiency furnace get my hubby moving forward quickly.

  2. We recycle paper and plastic. I have changed out most of my lights to CFL's. That has taken some getting used to since they come on so slowy, but we're trying.

  3. Interesting thoughts and so true, we still have to be able to function in life! On my way to read the article...


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