Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Menu Planning in Reverse - What we cooked this week

I usually have some meal ideas in mind when I shop and know how many main dishes I can already make out of the pantry, but then things come to mind at the store and the rest of the menu gets created.

Here is what we had for dinner last week.

- omelet with peppers and tomatoes, toast
- teriyaki chicken thighs, rice, broccoli
- split pea and carrot soup, salad, cornbread
- haddock steamed over diced tomatoes and onions, garlicky bok choy, pears
- spaghetti with peppers, sauteed zucchini and onions, salad with goat cheese
- chicken stew, biscuits, pears
- bulgar pilaf (added red peppers, onion, black beans, corn), salad, pineapple
- turkey burgers on buns, broccoli, tomato and peaches

This looks healthy and good to try as a new dish very soon although I'll probably skip the topping as its dairy and we limit our eggs and just add more parmesan which hubby tolerates well-  Eggplant, Bulgar and Tomato Casserole with Yogurt Topping


  1. Your meals sound much better than mine. I'm so plain.

  2. Thanks Michelle. Keep in mind that I have been cooking dinners for 40+ years - ever since I was on my own at 20. It is easier now that I don't go to work for 50 hours a week and travel a lot on business. My hubby is a good cook and we used to team up each evening to get dinner ready for ourselves and our boys after dinner. He still works full time and I'm freelancing so I do most of the cooking now.


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