Thursday, February 15, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 7

Happiness, Comfort & Health

We hosted family dinner night on Thursday. The 7 year old had fun with the quiz I created for the pup’s 2nd birthday which included photos of him with her. The almost 1 year old was back to feeling well and happily joined us in the high chair and crawling around. The pup calmed down after greeting them and did well with the baby. He likes to lick her fingers and she likes it too but we don’t let it go on too long. She points at the dog and says “duhhh”. A good try lol.

Good weather for a few days in a row so I got out and took a long walk without the dog plus my usual 2 dog walks. I didn’t get to 10,000 steps but 7,741 plus however many steps indoors including stairs was pretty good for me. One ankle was tender the next day which is information for further exercise.

Minding our Money and the Environment 

Our combined gas & electric bill that arrived this week is over $320. Guess it is time to move on scheduling that energy efficiency audit.

Purchased and downloaded TurboTax. Now to slog though it.

I looked to see if I could repurpose one of our Christmas bins as an emergency supplies tote (yes!) and found I had packed Christmas wrapping supplies, cards and napkins in one of the bins. Since I didn’t decorate this past Christmas I had forgotten about them and bought things. They are now where I will find them next holiday season.

Making Home Upkeep Easier

I finally got a plant care document put together so hopefully we can keep all our lovely yard plantings thriving by doing what they need when they need it.


  1. Sounds like a lovely and thriving week. Little one is pretty darn close to saying dog....

    God bless.

    1. Yes she is and also on the verge of walking. She is very interested in our dog and their cat right now.


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