Friday, June 16, 2023

Frugal Friday

Just a few things this week outside of the day to day usual ones.

- I picked up 2 games and a craft kit from Buy Nothing offers to use with our older granddaughter plus 4 small drinking glasses. I also got two outdoor chairs and a cookbook to browse for inspiration.

- Hubby transplanted 2 plants from the backyard to the side next to the fence where they will look better and fill a low priority but empty spot. We are brainstorming how to use elsewhere as much of the rest of the poorly landscaped backyard items as we can. And we have a highly recommended gardener coming over today for an initial consultation. Fingers crossed.

- Our gas and electric combined bill was lower than last month. Mostly due to running the furnace less I believe.

- Followed through on my new dentist’s offer to do a small repair for free by making the appointment.

- I used a coupon at CVS to stock up on some needed items at a discount. I really don’t like CVS game playing pricing model but needs must. 

And the not so frugal but necessary investment spending.

- We decided to contract for the earthquake retrofit work for which we have a bid. I also mailed the electrician a deposit hoping that would get us a date booked but it is looking like it will not be until July at this rate.


  1. You two are always so methodical in how you approach anything to do with buying and spending. I admire that.

  2. When you say "earth quake retrofit", what, exactly does that mean? In Seattle it meant bolting the house sill plates to the foundation walls, rather than just letting them sit on top. There was also the construction of pony walls to fight the shear caused by a moving house. Is this what you're doing? It's a curiosity question, having never lived in California.

    1. Current building codes for retrofits have standard plans for common single family home designs. It does include what you mentioned plus other bracing and connections. A lot more than what we did 30+ years ago to another CA home as a lot was learned from devastating earthquakes since then.

  3. Hemorrhaging money is precisely the right term! We are in the "let's not add it up" phase lol.


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