Monday, February 27, 2023

Our sons are busy!

 I got an email from my older son saying they made it to Portugal after a 35 hour trip from Malaysia where they were visiting a friend and then they slept for 13 hours. I would say that it pays to be young but they are in their early 50’s. He did say that the upside was watching Casablanca on the way to Casablanca! There must have been other stops or long layovers but now they have 3 months in Portugal to see how they like staying in one place and exploring from there. This stay is a home exchange which is also a first for them.

Our younger son called while he was driving with his 6 year old to buy some specific Pokémon cards so she could make her own deck. She asked me what kind of “energy” I would be and since I don’t know Pokémon and am worn out all I could come up with was “ low” energy. She corrected me to say I was happy energy 🥰

When I asked how being a big sister was going she said “good” and added that the baby is heavy. At not quite 6.5 pounds not really lol. Our son said the baby is eating, peeing and pooping gangbusters but is nocturnal. Anyone familiar with shifting newborn sleep schedules? I suggested he Google it and he thought that was a good idea. She was just 4 days old yesterday so they are busy and quite tired but our DIL is feeling much better than they expected given having a C-section which is wonderful.

I’ll get to see the baby after we move at the end of March or early April.


  1. Your boys are very busy. We only spent about a week in Portugal and loved it.

    No idea of how to change a newborn's sleep schedule. Hopefully Google will give them some great ideas.

    God bless.

  2. Lots of good changes happening in your life.


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