Saturday, December 17, 2022

Busy and that’s a good thing

We had quite a downpour this week that left us sadly still at negative 5.5 inches compared to last year's severe drought. Water crisis time continues with no end in sight.

New thing I learned this week was the range of Sting's music and singing ability! I've been aware of him as a performer and activist, but never searched out his music. YouTube suggested his album "A Touch of Jazz" which I really enjoyed. That led me to read his Wikipedia entry so now I am going to search out his varied musical performances since the band Police stopped and they all pursued individual careers.

Besides that it was an unusual week in that I had something scheduled every week day. 

Monday was my annual Medicare Wellness visit which thank goodness has added to it scheduling the normal type of physical tests. Otherwise it would be a waste of my and the doctor’s time. Note to self: remember to stand up really straight on the scale as it automatically measures height too!

I then went to the chiropractor for a lower back pain that keeps returning. Afterwards did the weekly Trader Joe’s shopping and went to the pet store to get a chew bone for the 🐶 stocking. I made him a stocking from a piece of red felt that was in our Christmas bin and some ribbon remnants in the wrapping stash.

Tuesday was off to Ventura to attend the Buenaventura Women’s Club holiday tea. I got two bottles of wine from the $15 a bottle “wine pull”. White for me and red for a Christmas gift to the local son and DIL  I also bought a bag of mixed homemade cookies and froze them for when the same family comes out for Christmas. It was fun.

Wednesday was quieter with just the 🐶 having a grooming appointment for which I chauffeured. 

Thursday was my book discussion group’s Holiday get together at a member’s home. It was a really lovely time. Hubby and I also went out to dinner which was a nice break for both of us from cooking dinner.

Friday was back to the chiropractor.


I'm excited that our plumbing repair work is finally scheduled for next Wednesday. Then we will just have hole in the bathroom wall until we can get it repaired after the holidays. I also have scheduled a chiropractor appt, massage and vet appt for a routine vaccination. Then our local son and DIL over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Another good week ahead. 

How about you - what's on your schedule for the rest of the year?


  1. Have a good holiday! Love that you made your dog a stocking.

    1. After my DIL asked if he had a stocking I had no choice lol!

  2. I made our cat a stocking one year and used it every year.

    Now I think I need to make Kris's Eiko a stocking and fill it with small goodies. I will do that this week and even get my shopping done as well.

    Enjoy your Christmas.

    God bless.

    1. Glad your illness was mild enough to keep doing things!


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