Tuesday, September 13, 2022

When you start the day cleaning toilet tanks ...

Well, actually that was after 2 outings for the dog, breakfast, browsing the internet and chatting with Hubby. But clean them I did.

I happened upon the suggestion to look in the toilet tank if your bowl had a ring that wouldn't go away. Apparently the rusty brown growth in our tanks was caused by iron bacteria and must be due to the years of having hard water before we added a water softener. Vinegar, baking soda and a good scrub later it is visibly gone and now I have a new routine task of adding vinegar to the tank every once in a while. The care of our stuff.

The day only improved from there although knowing the slime was gone for now is a good thing. And OMG, the heat wave finally broke!!!!

  • I made oatmeal walnut muffins and had one for my morning coffee break. Yum.
  • Picked up new next level of hardness chew toys for the pup who is now 7 months & working hard on getting his molars. He has stronger jaws and lots of adult teeth now. After a long time just looking at & licking the new toy he spent an hour chewing on it until I took it away for a while!
  • Got sidetracked trying out a new Style Visualization mini-course so I could give feedback. Good timing as I need to replace clothes!
  • Made bean and corn enchilada casserole for dinner with roasted cauliflower leftovers on the side. 


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