Friday, July 1, 2022

And June is done

Let’s start with all the good stuff -

1. Our son made the train reservation for our granddaughter and he to come to visit. A pick up in Santa Barbara but that is easy. Our other son and DIL are driving north at the right time to take him home and visit for a couple of days. Hubby will fly granddaughter home and stay a bit for a visit. Just need to make that plane reservation.

2. Pup is learning our routines and house rules pretty well and we are learning his. All good. We left him in his crate for almost an hour and went out for ice cream. He was relaxed when we got home which bodes well for our future!

3. We are eating well at home, the weather has been lovely if way too little rain, the window and screen cleaning is done, etc.

4. My summer outfits capsule is fine tuned and working well while being quite simple to manage.

5. I started back on my Pilates exercises once pup had settled in a bit.

6. have enjoyed many books.

7. I feel confident in our new dentist which is good as I am in the process of getting two crowns done.

8 I think our other son and DIL will be staying with us a bit in July and/ or August. Always a true pleasure.

9. Blood test with my recent physical showed my cholesterol level improved and everything else fine. I have also finally dropped a couple of my Covid extra pounds.

10. Signed up pup for "Basic Skills & Manners" group class starting July 30th.

And then there are the things that haven’t gotten done -

1. Get info to set date for Hubby to start social security which will not cause a gap in his Medicare coverage. He has been paying quarterly.

2. Get another credit card with my name primary.

3. Find a source of replacement dishwasher racks or another way to repair deterioration of tines.

4. Need a to do list and an intense bout of working on club business and motivating some others to do the same.

5. Get permanent crowns on both teeth once they are finally the right color.

6. Have more fun!


  1. You got a lot done! But maybe you need to move #6 up to the top of your list ... have more fun!

    1. Good point! Mostly the puppy is counting as fun (plus frustration of course)

  2. Sounds like you've been productive and busy. But we need more puppy pictures next time.

    1. More puppy pictures I can do - thought I had overdone it already lol.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about timing the start of Social Security so as to not have a gap in Medicare. If you keep paying the quarterly Medicare bills, you should be fine. When you start getting Social Security, yes they will deduct the monthly Medicare premium, there is no choice about that, but if you've already paid for that month with the last quarterly Medicare payment, Social Security will repay you the extra premium amount. People say that the refund is sent relatively quickly.

    As you may know, Social Security is paid in arrears. So if, for example, you sign up for your benefit to start in August, your first deposit will be paid in September. The September amount will be equal to your Social Security benefit for August minus your Medicare premium for September. And again, if you've already paid the Medicare premium for September, Social Security will send you a refund. The same thing would happen in October and November if you had already paid the Medicare premium for those months.

    I love your new puppy by the way. Very cute!

    1. You explain the Medicare/Social Security situation very clearly and I wish they had that on their website! He called to make a phone appointment and that is the same explanation we received. His application is started and he has an early August phone appointment to finalize it. Yeah! Also turned out my thought process came up with the correct start date lol.


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