Tuesday, March 15, 2022

This and That Tuesday

Thanks for all the responses to my post about my small changes effort to eat healthier and hopefully lose my COVID weight. Some great additions to my list:

- Intermittent fasting was mentioned and seems to work well for many people. Sadly I am very hungry when I wake up but I don't eat after dinner at least.

- Watch portion size - Yes!

- Drink more water. I have read that drinking a cup of water and waiting 10 to 20 minutes will take away most urges to snack. A good reminder.

Eating out is a challenge in some cases. We are taking Hubby's 93 year old aunt out for lunch tomorrow and the deli menu is high calorie, high fat, high sodium, etc. However they do serve breakfast all day so I am thinking 2 eggs over easy, rye toast and fresh fruit is the answer. Not that I don't like all their less healthy choices lol.

We finally received notice that our Federal tax return was delivered by USPS but no word on the state return. I have to go to the post office to see if they can track it or if I need to resend. 

I hurt my lower back in the middle of last week doing a different Pilates video and it has really affected how much I can exercise. However, I have been doing a bit and trying to get the lower back muscles to relax. This too will pass.

However, we teamed up to finally wash and clean our car. I still need to vacuum once my back is better but I did the rest of the interior cleaning and am enjoying the results. Hubby washed it per our usual division of labor as I can't reach the middle of the roof without a step stool. Next up are all the windows and doors inside and out.

Our county's COVID death and hospitalization rate has really dropped which is encouraging as we have tickets to a concert in the gallery this Friday at the local artist's studio housed in an old elementary school. The tickets are a perk of studio membership and we will feel quite free to leave if it is too crowded but I am looking forward to live music.

Family visits - yeah! Our local son and DIL came out for lunch and a visit last Friday and we are going to join them in Santa Barbara at the beginning of May. We are heading to Berkeley to see our other son and his family the first week of April. Lovely to have things to look forward to. 

All the small things of life continue to be so important as we move into year 3 of the pandemic!


  1. Things are headed in the right direction! Our county Covid cases has dropped to just 50 this week and it had been in the thousands not all that long ago.

  2. We can't really say that cases are dropping here as many people who do a rapid test and are positive are told not to go for a PCR test and be counted. I am keeping my fingers crossed that our cases drop soon.

    God bless.

    1. That is a very good point and true here as well. I am encouraged by the significant decrease in hospitalizations and deaths here which are the key metrics now I think.


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