Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thankful Thursday Week 10

I have debated writing a post about the Russian war against Ukraine and its terrible toll on that country. I can only say that it is horrible, possibly war crimes, etc. I am helpless to do more than donate money to causes that will help. 

I do wonder though if world leaders are making the same mistake with Putin's war that was made with Hitler by not stopping this before it expands even further. I have to think there is some plan for eliminating Russia's nuclear weapons before they are deployed or WWWIII begins. 

Still, in my everyday safe comfortable world I am trying to focus on things I can be thankful for and not get sucked down the fear, despair, agony vortex of the news.

This week I was thankful for:

- The blanket hangers I ordered actually are working out. Now I have storage in the guest room closet for blankets for that bed that are not in use plus some throws, etc. that are not in season. The two on the right in this picture covered parts of both couches where the dog liked to lay but are good for cold weather snuggling. I still need to reduce the number of throws/afghans we also have in our linen closet but that is for another week.

- An amazing turnout for my service club’s March lunch and program. We lost members right before the pandemic due to personality clashes but have gained 5 new members during the pandemic. And we haven’t lost a single member to Covid despite the fact that we are almost all seniors.


  1. Didn't know you can order blanket hangers! Such a good idea.

    Putin's war is so scary and he can touch us without even putting a single troop on our ground or plane in our air space using cyber attacks to our infrastructure. Your fears about stopping him too late in his 'game' is so valid.

  2. The war in the Ukraine is so scary, it is affecting all of us in ways we never thought imaginable.

    Love those blanket hangers.

    God bless.

  3. I had never heard of blanket hangers, I love the idea. I admire Winston Churchill, early on he warned strongly about stopping Hitler, when it could have been done. He was pushed out of public office for doing that, and friends turned away from him when they met. If Putin succeeds in taking Ukraine, I think he has another country on his list. But I don't want WWIII!


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