Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dec 12 - 19: Thankful and Happy

Once I started doing these posts I found that they really helped me be more positive through the ongoing pandemic and political upheaval. A habit I will continue.

This week’s list:

- I bought our old dog a couple of sweaters to wear on colder days because she is so thin, as is her hair, and our house stays rather cool no matter the thermostat setting. Doesn't she look pretty in pink?

- The first email I opened Monday morning included a photo of our granddaughter proudly showing off her first lost baby tooth smile. I had been wondering when this would happen! 

- It rained heavily Monday night and Tuesday. Then we had light steady rain Thursday. Not a big deal many places but in California right now it is.

- Spending time with four friends driving to and from a meeting. Seeing three of the same friends the next day at an author presentation by one person’s husband. And then a total of ten of us at a friend’s home for a holiday book club brunch. A friend came over for morning coffee and a chat. Got my social needs well filled this week.

- I took bookmarks as gifts for book club as did someone else. Another gave homemade holiday ornaments, plus others gave little bags of candy and soap. Nobody expected anything but I know I wanted to show how much these women have sustained me these past 2 years and others did too.

- I am slightly encouraged by the data coming out of S. Africa that so far shows the Omicron Covid variation to be highly infectious but less likely to cause serious illness or death. Doesn't prove how it will act in the US but looks like a glimmer of hope. 


  1. Glad to hear you got out to socialize. And glad to hear about the glimmer of hope.

    1. Thanks. I do think though that January and possibly February are going to see me doing little socializing if the predictions for Omicron are correct

  2. I see you had a wonderful week, lots of visiting, rain for a place that definitely needs it, and you got the joy of giving.

    I am a bit worried over Omicron, but hopefully the booster will help fight it off.

    God bless.


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