Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Its June so we can officially call our morning fog "June Gloom"

Here in coastal S. California we have both May Gray and June Gloom. Right now we are making bets each morning as to when the sun might break through and then looking is up on weather.com lol.

Still checking things off my list - 

- Balanced our books and made our donations for the month. Payed estimated taxes too.

- Made spinach and cheese egg bake muffins to freeze.

- Our passport renewal forms, photos and checks are on there way to the processing center. Hoping for future travel abroad.

- I ordered a pair of thong sandals with arch support hoping they will work as warm weather slippers.

- Did laundry and changed the bed while Hubby went to Trader Joe's, fill the car up and got some cash.

Oh, the excitement.

I have 2 meetings this week regarding my club. Next week is pre-surgery blood tests and 2 pre-surgery Dr. appointments plus the monthly vet appointment. Not exciting but must be done.


  1. We have entered a hot period of time here on the prairies of Saskatchewan. Had to turn our air conditioner on......

    God bless.

    1. That seems like summer to me! I still have trouble with the different weather here and want to pull out the summer dresses and shorts.

  2. I wear Birkenstock sandals for my slippers in the summer and their clogs in the winter. I have high arches, so walking on cement slab all day is a killer.

    1. I know lots of people like them. My arches aren’t particularly high but I should try them.


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