Monday, May 17, 2021

Thanks for the make & freeze meal ideas

 So far we have decided to cook and freeze for dinners:

- meatloaf slices (just add fresh veggies and/or salad)

- chicken breast slices (for a main dish, tostados, salad toppings and stir fry)

- rice (to combine with frozen cooked chicken and Trader Joe's stir fry veggies)

- soup & chili

We will also pick up a frozen pizza and perhaps a ready made quiche, etc.

For breakfast I am trying out recipes for:

- baked oatmeal muffin cups

- egg bake muffin cups

Then there will be toast/bagels/pumpkin muffins plus peanut butter

For lunches we will probably stick to sandwiches & raw veggies/fruit. Also frozen mac n cheese and veggie burgers.

The rest of the plan is to prepare double meals the 4 evenings before and have them ready in the frig as leftovers. As I recall I don't eat much those first few days (the joy of painkillers) but Hubby has even more to do than after I start feeling better.

I'm also going to stock up on household paper goods, etc. so he doesn't have to shop much.


  1. Oh I forgot. Know I'm the no disposable kid here but maybe good quality papergoods as well?

    1. Sometimes those are called for and we have a stock in our earthquake & wildfire emergency supplies for power outage situations. Fortunately the dishwasher exists!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. My mom was a working mom and she always a lot of meals at one time on Sundays, and froze part of them as individual dinners to pop in the oven to reheat. Didn't have microwaves back then.

  3. Juhli, I applaud your efforts to be as prepared as possible. I haven't done much food prep for the freezer, so it was fun to learn from all those suggestions from readers. Thanks!

  4. You may want to consider making / cooking your meatloaf in a muffin tin. Let cool completely when done, pop out and freeze in individual serving sizes. This method cuts down on the original cooking time and eliminates the need to slice up a regular size loaf. I also use my mini size muffin tin to make/bake meatballs, making up a big batch, freezing them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet before storing.

  5. I buy very little prepared or fully cooked packaged meals at COSTCO but if you like Tikka Masala, SUHKI's is a nice non spicy packaged version. There are two pouches each one is a nice meal for two or great for a lunch. I add a can of Coconut milk when I cook both pouches. I buy the packaged shredded Pork, it also comes in two pouches, great on tortillas, on a baked potato with a little cheese. They have packaged tamales which are great but have too many calories for me. There are other packaged meals which might appeal to you. Add a frozen vegetable and dinner is done.

    People also rave about frozen cooked rice which goes in the microwave.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. Those do sound good.

    2. Thanks for your suggestions. Those do sound good.


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