Monday, January 4, 2021

16 days to Inauguration

 I just started reading “The Splendid and The Vile” about Churchill and the Blitz. It opens with this quote which is so appropriate for last year and this - probably for all the time but especially now.

“It is not given to human beings - happily for them, for otherwise life would be intolerable - to foresee or to predict to any large extent the unfolding course of events.” 

- Winston Churchill, eulogy for Neville Chamberlain, November 12, 1940

Be adaptable, find solutions, help each other and don’t forget to be thankful and find joy in being alive.

I’m thinking of doing occasional Money Monday posts so thought I’d give it a try today. 

I mentioned that our year end financial review pointed out that we will need to reinvest most of the money we have in CDs at some time this year. No surprise here but our year end review showed an increase in the grocery category (food, toiletries, household supplies, alcohol) and decreases in eating out, entertainment, travel, haircuts, gasoline. I expect this year will be essentially the same although we are increasing our donations and contributions to granddaughter’s college fund. 

In addition, since our taxes are simple we are thinking of going back to doing them ourselves. The tax preparer charged $350 last year so anything less is a savings. Any easy to use tax software to recommend?


  1. I really struggle with whether or not to post stuff about money and finances. I've done in the past regarding the costs of me moving into the CCC. I decided that I wasn't revealing anything that couldn't be found online regarding the buy-in costs, monthly fees they charge, moving expenses, etc., and it might help others who are thinking about moving, too. So I'm looking forward to how you handle your Money Monday posts.

    1. Very few numbers. More actions, thoughts and conclusions. I too am not going to put our actual financial situation out there.

  2. I think it's always interesting to read about other peoples finances but it is certainly an individual choice. We've always used TurboTax. It's easy and goes thru everything and double checks.

  3. Oh, thanks, 16 more days... can we make it?? With those Proud boys in Washington and the jerks in the senate, it's scary:(

  4. We have some investments coming due this year as well, and are only planning on turning them over for one year as well. Interest rates are the pits right now.

    Our youngest son does his own taxes but I think he used/uses the Canadian Revenue Agencies own tax forms. I will ask him though.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. I’m sure it is different to file taxes in Canada.

  5. I've been thinking about reinstating Frugal Friday posts too; it helps my mindset stay in the groove. When we owned land and cattle we didn't feel able or inclined to do our taxes ourselves (depreciation of farm equipment and livestock, blech). Nothing too complicated anymore, but we still don't want to...daughter to the rescue...she is a treasure (and a real numbers person like her grandmother was).


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