Monday, November 16, 2020

The temporary clutter of decluttering

 It never fails at least for me. I decide to declutter or something breaks and then it takes time to get rid of it.

- The items I removed from the small bedroom closet are now in our den. Pickup date December 3rd.

- Paint cans to be taken to hazardous waste are sitting in the garage and I need to schedule a drop off date.

- Broken radio and air fryer also sitting in garage along with paint drop cloths. Will slowly discard in regular trash which has a small bin and limited extra space each week. Our bit if yard waste also sits around waiting for space in the regular bin.

- Items like Christmas lights, etc. that are going to our younger son are sitting in the small bedroom waiting for our trip starting December 4th.

- Christmas decorations still to go through are sitting in our dining room.

Does it get worse before it gets better at your house too?


  1. Ugh always... You should have seen the back rooms for the last three weeks while I was first thinking of purging, then trying to purge. Now the dinner table, the little table at the entrance and the coffee table are cluttered. I am glad I am not alone in this :)

  2. Me too, deciding what to declutter goes faster than having the stuff removed from the house. I had 5 bags of nice things to give to a charity waiting for 5 weeks til they came and picked them up. But we ARE making progress, right?

  3. I think it's par for the course. I try and keep bags in my car for 6 months( ha ha) before I get to the Goodwill.Really, it's gotta get messy before it's cleared out.

    1. Goodwill is easy here but they have really restricted what they will take. The others seem overbooked and then there is trying to find out how to dispose of things during the pandemic that can’t go in the trash.

  4. I know the drill you are going through and it does seem like it gets worse before it gets better BUT you are de-finely going in the right direction.

  5. Well, since we are in the middle of remodeling, Yes! 😆

    Seriously though, it is a process. And why I now think long and hard about each and every purchase. How will I get rid of what the new item is replacing? Major or minor effort.

    I have fewer possessions overall as a rezult, for sure.

  6. There really is a fine line between the right amount of stuff and too much. We live in the midwest where property is reasonable, and have always had basements and lots of storage in our homes. It has been way too easy to collect, then stash stuff away. Nearly a year ago, we bought another home near our kids and it is much smaller than we're used to. No basement. No barn. Little closets. I'm going out on a limb here for the sake of honesty. It's been really rough to get used to the little place. Thank goodness we're only there part time! My hat is off to those folks who live in tiny homes, but that would be a huge challenge for me. I guess all of us are wired differently. I went through times of purging our belongings, but then I got to a place where all that was left were the practical items of life and the sentimental items from loved ones. I'm beginning to feel comfortable with what we have (and don't have). It seems that you have been working hard to find the balance for your life, too Juhli. Day by day we must choose, huh?

  7. Always gets worse before it gets better around here. Like you things have to wait for space in the bins and for drop off at various second hand stores or recycling depot.

    God bless.

  8. I can relate. Whenever I am in the middle of deep cleaning the entire house looks horrible until I can get it all done. My sister is supposed to be coming for Thanksgiving and I want to have the house sparkling but right now it looks like a cyclone went through. We have paint cans and paint to get rid of, too. And lots of recyclable cardboard. Just not enough hours in the day to take care of it all.


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