Monday, October 19, 2020

Covid Fatigue - It's real and we need to deal with it

 Who isn't feeling Covid fatigue at this point? Probably someone but I don't know them!

While having brunch with our son and DIL yesterday, we got talking about what strategies we were using or could use to help get us through this long haul with our humor, relationships, mental health and actual health intact. Of course they are both working long hours at home in front of their computers and we are retired which already has its own groundhog day implications.

I've been listing my gratitude for my Thankful Thursday posts and it turns out that is a recommended strategy. Now that I'm well on the road to full recovery from my foot surgery I find I need more than piles of books to read and streaming shows to watch.

I'm adding regular exercise back in along with my physical therapy. Short term focus - what will I do today - plus things to look forward to are also helping me.

One thing that struck me in our conversation was the need for some structure to set the days apart and have a week and weekends. The idea of meal planning by day of the week (Taco Tuesday!) to have something to look forward to was one brainstorm our son and DIL had. We did have fun with Macaroni and Cheese Monday or Salami Saturday ideas. 

I tend to cook based on what I feel like eating and energy level so that isn't my first choice but I think having a "it's Wednesday so I get to do x" approach is helpful. Structure for the win.

Socializing in some way that lifts your spirits and/or lets you lift the spirits of others through your kindness or actual help is another strategy. Lots more ideas out there.

What are you doing to cope with Covid fatigue? Lets share and help each other out.

These articles from UCDavis Health are particularly on point.

Done with Covid-19? 9 ways to help cope with Covid fatigue

Covid Fatigue is Hitting Hard

Some facts to help you focus your worries and actions to stay safe.

Novel coronavirus mistakes and myths


And since humor is a good coping strategy and we just had fun sharing little kid riddles with our "it's almost my birthday (4)" granddaughter, here is one for your amusement. 


How do you fix a jack-o-lantern?


With a pumpkin patch.


  1. Your joke is adorable. Made this Covid-fatigued old soul smile. This is a very helpful post and I appreciate your suggestions and the links you shared. Structure is very important to me and I am missing having a routine so much. I like the idea of Wednesday I get to... If you haven't linked up with us for Wellness Weekend, please do!!

    1. I have to admit I pulled the joke off a website of Halloween riddles for kids! Glad it helped.

  2. I love the joke too.

    I have Covid-19 fatigue too. It's unavoidable but I commend you for being proactive to try to fight against it. I need to follow your lead.

    1. Glad you liked the joke. It is going in granddaughter’s Halloween card. I think you are doing great as dealing with downsizing, preparing to sell a home and moving is more than enough for anyone even without a pandemic!

  3. Sweet joke. 😊

    Oh yes, the fatigue is real. Filling the weekends is where I sometimes stall out, because we avoid activities we normally do during the week due to weekend crowds, so I have to come up with new ones. Each and every week.

    I love your Thankful Thursday odea, and will partake as well starting this week.

    Will we ever get back to normalcy???

    1. I look forward to your future posts. All we can count on is that the future will be different than the present.

  4. Cute joke! I put a joke in each of the letters I wrote to the Grands. What is a ghost's favorite ride at the fair? The scary go-round and the roller-ghoster!

  5. Thanks for the joke, gave me a giggle or three.

    What am I doing to fight covid fatigue... Getting out for a bit of fresh air (today was a bit difficult as it was snowing pretty good). Keeping busy doing various crafts, some of which will be used as Christmas gifts. Trying to declutter (getting way too many memories as I do so). Talking on the phone to those I care about helps me to socialize a bit as well as helping with the bible study.

    God bless.


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