Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kicking off Camp Quarantine

July 1st - Welcome to Camp
Wouldn't you know it - we arrived at camp knowing we would have the place to ourselves for the first 10 days only to find out the prior week's housekeeper hadn't finished cleaning lol. 

So we cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed, and changed the bed. In the afternoon we had free time so Hubby enjoyed an online class while I finished a book and got an iced latte at Starbucks drive through. Later while dinner cooked I was able to enjoy a beer on the shady patio facing the nearby mountains.

July 2nd - Take Out Thursday
A green lentil soup cooking spree in the morning means my future camper self will be thankful to my present self. Lunch was every camper's favorite - "hotdog" (Italian chicken sausage) on a bun, raw veggies and a popsicle.

I got an iced latte at Starbucks again and enjoyed it while listening to a live Nora Jones min-concert on YouTube.

We ordered cocktails and food from a favorite restaurant. Enjoyed Mules & a veggie roll on our patio. Shared grilled salmon with apple slaw and grilled apple, Chardonnay chicken with gravy and arugula, and a side of grilled asparagus. Almost like going out to eat!
July 3rd - A Day for Me
An early solo exercise class. Zoom meet up with friends this morning in the form of my book discussion group. 

Armchair traveling with a tour of Oxford ( I really enjoyed seeing what I have read about so many times. I wanted to return to the British Isles for a nice long visit soon but that is not going to happen so online it is.

July 4th - More Armchair Travel & a New Recipe
Today I visited Cambridge via YouTube and then signed up for online short talks that are going to be part of their online summer continuing education program. For years I have wanted to actually attend one of their summer sessions in person and live at Cambridge for a week or two. Maybe later but online is good for now.

 I made microwave chocolate mug cake for us to split for dessert - a new recipe and it hit the spot.

Planning Future Camp Activities - 
I've been brainstorming activities to do with our granddaughter. 

I'm taking supplies to make a paper Happy Pup Day banner for the dog birthday celebration. I saw a matching game to make in my online research that uses paper plates with drawn on pictures that are the same on 2 plates. You line up a 4 X 4 grid of plates and then do the flip 2 over until you get a match. I'm sure you've played this memory game with cards but I added paper plates to my packing list.


  1. I like your camp! Your planning is spot on for having a good time in a pandemic.

    Did you know they sell packets of cake mixes to make in cups? Six packets per box and they're pretty good. Very easy, pour the mix in a cup, put in a few table spoons of water and microwave.

    1. I didn't know about those mug cake mixes!

  2. I admit I cheat and buy the mug mixes. Will.need to get on board with camp this week!

  3. Havin' a good time and eating well. Enjoy your time away!

  4. I sure think your outlook is great! We all need to be making this time in our lives as positive and enjoyable as possible. Hubby and I enjoy planning meals, taking walks, and watching our vegetable garden grown. There is still so doggone much for us to be glad about!! What's more, I'm really glad to learn about mug cake mixes. I will definitely be checking those out next time I go to the store!


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