Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Spend - Save - Do

Happy sunbathing poodle girl
- Having the Trader Joe's staff grind our coffee isn't working out so well (a little confusion over left vs right in the settings lol) so I ordered a rather expensive home coffee grinder that got good reviews.
- Hubby ordered a children's magic kit to give to our granddaughter but first he will learn the "tricks" so he can teach her. She always asks "Show me a trick Papa". I added in 2 charger plugs and a box of staples. Oh the excitement. Also getting our usual subscribe and save Amazon order of dog food and other items.
- Starbucks drive through (but it is worth it to leave the house!)
- Food waste - tossed 2 apples and 1/4 of a cabbage

- Cooked at home all week including homemade chicken bean veggie soup from homemade broth which was delicious if I do say so myself.
- Hubby washed the dog who does love her baths.
- Gave myself a manicure and pedicure.
- Love our health insurance and those $0 owed statements.

- Planning a 10 day visit to our Berkeley son, DIL and granddaughter. The logistics of having places to stop along the way is shifting our drive to the truck heavy and scenery deficient I-5. That assures us of open and cleaned rest stops though. Here are guidelines on how to safely use a public restroom when traveling during the pandemic (public restroom safety)
- Caught up on my club president to do list except for finishing my calls to members. Unfortunately we have concluded we need to change the locks on the clubhouse and start over with key and code distribution. We counted keys today! We are also revising the rental agreements and asking everyone to sign new ones. A Covid policy on when and how we will reopen the clubhouse for use is written and in place. On to the fun stuff hopefully.
- Picked up a library book that I requested just before the pandemic. Their curbside pick up process is great. Don't think I will read the book though as it looks tedious.
- Taking forever to finish deep cleaning the kitchen and will do the floor and call it done for now.
- Diligently followed up with doctors (not impressed with their communication and follow up!) and as expected my cardiac health is fine with no risk for surgery. Because of our planned trip surgery will now occur late July or early August with 10 to 12 weeks of recovery. I missed the low point of Covid infections. Sigh.

Happy About
- Laughs with Hubby.
- Great friend in former club President who is great to discuss ideas & issues with and then reach decision as how to proceed.
- A cousin who likes to write letters back and forth. I am very happy to see her letter in my mailbox.
- Sons and DILs who want to spend time with us!


  1. I think all of us need to get out of the house for treats like Starbucks or take out meals. Pretty flowers and puppy

    1. I agree but have relatives and friends who have been afraid to do either. Its hard to keep up with all the conflicting info re transmission but food and foo containers have no science behind fear of transmission thankfully.

  2. Magic kits are really fun for grandparents and children to do together.

  3. I love being able to grind my own coffee. Tastes so much better. I also have a grinder that I use for my herbs.

    God bless.

  4. Glad you are getting out for Starbuck's drive-through. It's that kind of thing that keeps us going right now.

    I cleaned out the veggie drawer in the frig this morning and hated tossing out several stalks of celery that were beyond their prime and some cilantro. Hate that. I always think to myself that my scraps could feed a family of ten in Africa. Breaks my heart.
    The idea of the magic kit is absolutely adorable. That can be part of Camp Quarantine!! You should video tape the hubs doing his tricks. I love that so much. What joy that is going to bring.

  5. I was so lucky to get a visit with my Grand Girls before COVID ramped up here in Texas. Keep safe and enjoy that upcoming visit.


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