Friday, May 22, 2020

Week 9 ends & one more week before foot surgery - maybe

Well, I saw my primary doctor today and everyone seems to be a bit confused about how to make everything happen that needs to so I can have approval for surgery on June 1st. Right now it may have to be postponed.

Questions the doc has to get answered: Do I have to see a cardiologist to get approval given that won't be general anesthesia? Do I have to redo blood tests since no one told me it had to be one week or less before surgery? Where do I go and when to get the Covid swab test? Yikes.

Trying to roll with it right now as this is just another situation where we are all trying to figure out how to operate in this strange pandemic.

I'm still moving forward with getting everything in shape to ignore for the first 2 weeks of June and if it happens later this will have been a drill! Post foot surgery I just want to focus on recovering and entertaining myself and not feel any need to be productive or keep up with things. Thank goodness Hubby is so good about taking care of everything and a good cook too.

Sadly my older son and I agreed that them coming to visit in person this weekend with surgery planned wasn't wise. I survived only seeing them a couple times a year when we lived in Atlanta, but they are so close now!

So progress the last few days -

- Found one 6 week OLLI course I want to take online - 30,000 Year of History at CSUCI (Cal State Chanel Islands). Begins with the Chumash Indian settlements. Starts June 15th so will work out well.

- I've been slowly getting my iPad set up for ease of use and getting plenty of books lined up.

- I've been enjoying going through Starbucks drive thru occasionally for a skinny mocha latte and a brownie may have snuck in there today too.

- Chipping away at emails and calls for my club. The leadership team is making great progress with ideas to go into our plan for the year.

- I used the medical equipment supply closet at my HOA office to borrow crutches and a shower seat but learned that the Methodist church in town also has a lending closet. Might want to check that out in your location vs buying or renting. Will have to rent the knee scooter but that is fine.

- Realized I had no refills left on a prescription and got that taken care of at my Dr's appointment today. Btw, I haven't warmed to this Dr previously but she was much more personable and open today I'm sure because the situation has us all a bit off kilter. She even joked around a bit. Happier with her for now.


  1. Man, that would be disappointing after all this time and planning to have to postpone your surgery. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

    1. I hope not too but everyone seems to be scrambling regarding how to do the normal pre-op during a pandemic. Probably because elective surgery has not been possible since this started. It can always be schedule down the road if need be but I will have to psych myself up again!

  2. Oh, I would love to learn more about the California Chumash Indians, as we have their archeological relics here in Orange County as well! Hmmm, may have to try and coordinate with our friends that also attend your program. ☺

    I have a good friend that just got diagnosed with cancer, and started chemo this week. It really seems unconscionable to expect a human to deal with both COVID health concerns and cancer at the same time. So I will cross my fingers for you, and hope all goes forward so you don't have it hanging over your head!

    1. Thanks Tamara. Btw, our OLLI classes are all via Zoom so easy to access.

  3. Word of warning on the crutches...there is NEVER enough padding on the arm or hand rests. We've been through a lot of leg and foot injuries at our house. Hope everything works out for the best.

    1. Thanks. Found that out quickly and ordered padded hand test covers.


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