Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 23: Well that trip to CVS was interesting

I headed off to CVS and the pet store with my homemade mask in place and what a change a couple of weeks has caused. You can only get prescriptions at the pharmacy now where they have a barrier up to protect the employees. You have to take anything else to the front register. You can only purchase "essential" items although the clerk didn't expand on what that meant. Of course no paper goods or disinfecting products on the shelves still. Employees wearing masks. The biggest change were tables in front of the usual place to put your items that was holding the credit card machine and a basket to put your items into. Good distancing.

The same thing at the pet store, but only customer at a time as it is a small store. I'm glad all these things are in place but it was a dramatic change.

I have decided to try the senior hours at Vons later in the week to see if it is easier to stay at a distance then plus since it is first thing in the morning perhaps they will have more in stock. Yet another new shopping experience.

We have set up a "dirty" counter where all packaged items are left for the appropriate amount of time to let any virus die. It is getting a lot of use.

On the way home from my short shopping excursion I heard part of a news conference with our governor and he indicated that they think the number of new cases will not peak in California until mid-May although Los Angeles county if anticipating a very rough week right now. I guess my thinking that it will be July or later until the restrictions are lifted may be on target.

Connecting while Distancing - Just emails back and forth with a friend.

Carrying On - After craving something chocolate for a few days, baking was on the to do list. I only have cocoa powder in the pantry so thought of brownies but found chocolate muffins used half as many eggs. Haven't decided what to make based on egg availability in the stores ever. The muffins hit the spot.

I was supposed to have a routine Medicare Wellness visit and annual prescription renewals in 10 days with lab tests sooner. I called the Dr's office and they rescheduled me for early June pending whether or not it is safe to go to the lab by then. They authorized prescription extensions though to carry me through.

Then I called the vet to see what the new procedure is there. You call once you arrive and they come out and get the dog and charge you when they return her. They will cut her toenails if needed - the groomer has been doing it. They also had more medication in stock for her and we scheduled her appointment for May. All set to take her for her monthly Addison's shot next week.

Our local OLLI program is offering a very reduced number of courses for Spring for free via Zoom so Hubby is doing 2 of them. I'm not so keen on the topics so will carry on differently.

Thankful for - I am so thankful that we are financially stable as the cost of one of my prescriptions has soared and that California has a governor who seems to be tackling the pandemic as well as can be done.


  1. Juhli, when you say CVS is selling essential items only, what does that mean exactly? Have they blocked off all of their other aisles? Which ones are still open if so?

    Here in my part of Orange County, shelves appear to be decently stocked again, though you need to go early if trying to purchase things like chicken breast, flour, sugar, pasta, or paper products. They were all available when I went grocery shopping yesterday, but were well on their way to being depleted within an hour or so.

    I missed the governor's press conference, so I'll look it up now. We'd been mentally preparing ourselves for another month of Shelter In Place - good thing it would appear. 😕

    1. To clarify, the checkout clerk said that they can only sell essential items and not things like the metal toy cars. I didn't go through the whole store but didn't see aisles blocked off.

    2. Interesting! I wonder if Target and other retailers with in-store groceries are doing same? So, no more retail therapy along with my grocery shopping if so!

  2. Our pup needs his shots on Thursday and maybe they will cut his nails. He also has a sore spot around one molar. I doubt they'll do a cleaning during the time but perhaps we can get some good antibiotics to get him thru. Son was told to stay in the car and they will come put and get him. I had heard they were also forcing stores like target to only sell essential. On the one side I applaud this. On the other side of mom needs toys and puzzles to keep the family sane....

    1. I hope they will take care of your pup's sore tooth - surely they will figure something out. Vets are so dedicated. I am now very curious what "essential" means in terms of toys and learning materials for kids.

    2. Pet stores and vets are closed here. Mind you the vet will take emergency calls.

      God bless.

    3. Same with vets here but my dog needs her monthly shot to stay alive so gets in. The toenail cutting is just an add on to that. How are people getting pet food where you live?

  3. We received an email from our vet a couple of weeks ago (or more?) about new appointment routine like you describe. I read it to my husband, and then asked if he thought if we paid extra they would do that from now on even after this is over. :) Rudy LOVES to go to the vet, because he loves all the people and animals, but he is 16 pounds of muscle, and hard to contain. I would love to sit in the car alone! :)


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