Friday, January 3, 2020

Eat all the leftovers and other small things of life

We really like leftovers in our house! That being said sometimes changing them up a bit for a new meal means more leftovers lol. I took the last of the beef stew and beef broth, added more carrots, celery and peas and then pasta. Wow, did that ever expand to more leftovers.

Went to book club and we all traded books as usual plus sending a bunch to the Friends of the Library book store. I came home with a bag full of new to me ones to read.

We planned out our donations for the year and wrote the largest check to make a contribution to the scholarship fund for local seniors administered by my women's club. We both really feel good about giving a tangible vote of confidence to a young person who needs financial support to further their education. Also on our list are the public TV and radio stations we use and the Friends of the Library.

I may have complicated our financial record keeping and analysis beyond the helpful point! It seems to be taking a long time to get last year's numbers entered. Sigh.

One more Pet Club financial report to do later today and then I can hand everything over and walk away from the drama and bullying that ended the year on a sour note. Not participating any more in this club is a good thing for my happiness. I hope they find their way back to positivity.

Today my firstborn turns 49. Happy Birthday to my much loved son!


  1. What the heck is a Pet Club? I've never heard of one before.

    I love left-overs too. I never understood people who won't use them. It makes me sad to see people through out food at parties when we're cleaning up without even offering them to others to take out. It's such a waste!!!

    1. The over 55 community where I live has a Pet Club amongst all of the clubs/groups available. It has felt like middle school at its worst these last few months but I was Treasurer and needed to complete the year.

  2. I'm a leftover eater too. I laughed at how the leftovers ended up adding more leftovers. I'll have to see how often I do this too. LOL.

  3. I understand perfectly how changing leftovers turns into more leftovers!! Still if it saves us from having to cook that is a very good thing.

    Hope you get your budget numbers entered soon.

    God bless.

  4. We love leftovers, too! But we call it an Encore Presentation... Our boys didn't like leftovers. Now they ask to take any home! Funny how that works.


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