Sunday, November 10, 2019

First week of November 2019

The weeks do keep moving by and need some recognition so you get to share my week.

CLEANING UP - During our high winds the pine trees seem to mostly shed onto the limited areas that we are responsible for - our little patio, sidewalk and driveway. All gone now except for the pine cones that I brought in for some seasonal decoration.

BATH REMODEL - Our newly remodeled guest bathroom is almost back in operation after a thorough cleaning. We ordered a custom shower door and scheduled installation later in the month. pan.

SOCIAL LIFE - My schedule was rearranged so I could go to my club board meeting, book club and craft group.  Out to lunch with friends after the first meeting.

GUEST ROOM UPGRADES -  I found end tables, table lamps and a down comforter online. Perhaps I will also look for some rugs by the sides of the bed.

BERKELEY AGAIN -  We head to Berkeley next week for our granddaughter's 3rd birthday, our son taking Hubby to a Cal vs USC football game for Hubby's birthday, and the two of them working on home improvements for a couple of days. Our other son and DIL will come up for the weekend too.

SHOPPING OUR GARAGE - We had reluctantly accepted a hand me down like new Emeril air fryer from Hubby's aunt and then stuck it in the garage. Our toaster stopped working and so we pulled it out and our going to try it as a toaster!

SICK POOCH RECOVERS - Poor dog had another random day of being sick, but bounced around the next morning and ate eagerly.  She is on antibiotics for now and had a negative parasite test result. If only she could talk and describe how she feels before throwing up on the carpet repeatedly LOL.

FICTION FROM REAL LIFE - I have so enjoyed the Amy Stewart mysteries featuring the real life Kopp sisters including Constance Kopp who was an under sheriff and lady detective in New Jersey in the early 1900s. She was widely covered in the newspapers at the time. I'm going back and reading the ones I missed. Check out Amy Stewart's website for more info on the history back story. She also has written a series of books about the natural world that look interesting.

REMEMBER THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT - Only one more state needs to pass it for it to finally become ratified and it looks like Virginia just might do it this coming year! I think once the new state congress is seated we should all write their Speaker of the House and encourage getting it done! I'd love to see women's rights finally become law during my lifetime.


  1. I love the format you picked for this post. I might have to "borrow" it sometime.

    My dog also spent a day last week being listless after up chucking his cookies, but the next day he was back to normal again. Our fur babies need to learn how to talk!

    I didn't know we were so close to ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment! That's exciting.

  2. We are going to need photos of the updated bath and guest bedroom. And a review of the air fryer. My daughter has been wanting one. But she is more into gadgets than I am. I have an instapot that I rarely use because I am so much more comfortable with my crockpot.
    Glad you will be with your grand for her 3rd birthday. We skipped the terrible twos with Lucia but 3 has been a trial at times. Four months more. Then hoping 4 is an easier year. Especially with a second baby coming along.

    1. Ah, the terrible 2s (or 3s or 13s or whatever)! Seem to be coming to an end for our little girl but I'm sure there is a new challenge on its way if I remember child rearing clearly lol. We are looking forward to seeing her and son and DIL again. A review of the air fryer - even toasting with it is too complicated! Don't know if we will use any other features but inertia may keep it as our toaster.

  3. If you like Brussels sprouts, try roasting them in your air fryer...straight from the freezer! I just dump a bag of frozen Brussels Sprouts (I almost abbreviated that to initials, but dumping a bag of frozen BS in the air fryer sounded pretty bad!) into the basket of my air fryer and they roast beautifully. It's my favorite thing about my air fryer!

    1. When we get back from our family visit I'll have to try this. The air fryer may have potential after all!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Amy Stewart. I have ordered one from the library.


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