Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ideas for a fun Fall

I'm not calling it a bucket list because my level of commitment to doing most is lower than that implies LOL!

I am committed to heading to Berkeley in mid-November to celebrate a 3rd birthday and get a dose of family time as we all will be there together. I hope to see the local duo long before that.

So some other fun ideas?

- Make a pumpkin dish that isn't bread, muffins or pie
- Go to the Seaside Highland Games in mid-October
- Go on the Ventura Food Tour
- Buy some needed but lovely and fun cooler weather clothes
- Go to a concert, play or art show
- Make plans for a Spring trip to Santa Fe
- Make plans for a whole family trip to the Calaveras County Fair and frog jump contest

That's all my tired today self can come up with right now.

What are you hoping to do this Fall?


  1. A Frog Jump Contest? I hope if you go you'll write about it and take photos.

    1. It has been happening since 1928 and was inspired by Mark Twain's story: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras. There apparently are also ones in Indiana, Ohio, Washington, Maine, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, Wisconsin, and Manitoba, Canada. Wikipedia says there were over 4,000 frogs entered in the contest in 2007 and there are frog welfare rules in place!

  2. Oh, Juhli, great list. And great attitude. I make my bucket lists to encourage us to try new adventures. Otherwise we wind up doing the same old thing because I forget about the live music event or the play or the art exhibit. The Ventura Food Tour sounds like my kind of fun. We visited food trucks last fall and that was something new to us. Would love to have you link up your post with us, even though this might not be a bucket list, it is a full of fun fall activities.

    1. Food trucks are fun - we went to an event with them in August.

  3. We leave on vacation this weekend. I love autumn, and we don't really have them here.

    A friend of mine posted a Pasta w/ Pumpkin Cream Sauce awhile back that sounded good to me. I never got around to trying it, but when I have leftover pumpkin this year, I'm going to: Thought I'd share the link since it's not a bread, muffin, or pie. :)

  4. Juhli, this list reminded me that we'll be in your neck of the woods in late October, on our way home from an RV'ing trip. I'll email you in the hope we can do a lunch meet up. Maybe those salmon tacos at the harbor??? 😃

  5. I think its a great list. I plan to try a peach pumpkin soup that I had once that was fantastic. The food tour sounds wonderful.

  6. I agree. Well rounded list. I should get started making one too.

  7. I found you via Misadventures of Widowhood and have to admit that I like your low-key approach to a not bucket list. This resonates with me. I've never had a bucket list of any sort but I could make one following your way of doing things!

  8. It sounds like you have some fun things planned for fall, Juhli. I look forward to seeing your progress next week. I recently made pumpkin chickpea chili. It was delicious!


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