Saturday, July 13, 2019

Six on Saturday - July 13th

Started off our weekend well!

1. Went to an "Art in the Park" event put on by the town parks and rec dept. Wore one of my new dresses but added linen capris for warmth.

Actually ran into some friends which is fun. And the event was fun if low key:
- cute little kid dancers
- public participation painting and sidewalk chalk drawing
- a young rock band
- teen singers doing part of the Aladdin sound track
- tacos from the food truck

Then we drove over to Mr. Frosty for cones and took a walk around Old Town. Finished with a stop in the artist run gallery. Fun Saturday date outing.

2. Sunday after sleeping 10 hours both the dog and I are still tired so I declared it an at home day but of course still dog walks! #chore day #hanging out #old jeans new styling

3. Not feeling well has its advantages. I finished this book in just a bit more than one day as I couldn't put it down but eventually did have to sleep! 

Books currently holding my attention are A Paris All Your Own and The Power of Habit.

4. Tuesday I gifted myself a lovely massage and later we had another date night going to happy hour at an upscale restaurant to have a light dinner.

5. We seem to remodel bathrooms right before we sell the house so are starting the process of design and bids for the guest bathroom here. It is the only room that wasn't finished when we bought this house although it does have new tile flooring, low flow toilet and same paint as the other rooms. So that of course leaves the shower and the vanity as well as replacing the heat lamp with a fan. We will leave the old window for the next owner but why is it the only window that wasn't replace!


  1. I love Art in the Park events. I'm so jealous!

    1. Don't be too jealous LOL. It was tiny but there were happy children and teens showing off their musical talents.

  2. The Art Park sounds fun. I love a walk around and I think it is good to turn out for young entertainers. They need the confidence that playing to audience brings.

  3. My sister in Houston is mid-master bath remodel. Poor thing can't find anything. Can't get to her closet as it is in the bathroom, can't hang anything up or retrieve anything so is wearing the same outfits over and over. She is always mid-remodel every summer.
    Love the gray tee and jeans outfit. Very, very flattering fit and styling. You look so cute.
    Can't get Goodreads to open. Trying to put that book on my to-read shelf but it keeps timing out. Maybe the rest of the world is trying to access Goodreads, too.

  4. I really like your dress. It would be so versatile for a busy life.


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