Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Same old same old - spending and saving balance

How do you live on your retirement income? We have kept going managing our income vs outgo about the same as always with a bit less concern about frugality. Habits are still there and serve us well though.

I should note that we do not do these things to make our lives unhappy or to suffer. We spend plenty on eating out for example and pretty much do what we want. I do like to see our money spent well though when it produces the results we want for less!

Also, we anticipate living for another 25 to 30 years and know many of those will be more expensive than our early retirement. Determined to enjoy each year we are allotted though.

So here is a couple week's discretionary spending with an eye to savings.

- Returned 2 items we weren't going to use - $7.25 back in our pockets.
- Went to see Rocketman - but on $6 Tuesday which is less than the usual senior price.
- Went out for pizza and beer at a local brewery and brought home the leftover pizza for lunches.
- Ordered 2 Nuetrogena sunscreen tubes - but through Amazon subscription which saves $4.50 over CVS current price.
- Bought 2 copies of 1984 as my book group has decided to read it and discuss in terms of modern life - but bought for $1 a copy and my Friends of the Library bookstore.
- Bought what I wanted at the grocery store - but stocked up on canned low sodium beans as they were on sale.
- Went out to lunch with friends - but ordered a small meal and drank water.

Our do it ourselves activities.

- Washed the screens and windows in one more room. 3 rooms to go but it will get done eventually
- I probably should get the carpet professionally cleaned but I'm still spot cleaning. We'll see if we are going to move or not before paying for a cleaning service.

The hire someone else list.

- It has been impossible to change the water filter in the frig for over a year and since we are probably going to sell it is time to get it fixed rather than just not getting water from the frig. Scheduled the appliance repair person. One of the shelves in the door needs replacing too so I'll have them get the correct part.

The just don't spend wins.

- I volunteered at the Pet Club Ice Cream Social, raffle and pet photo even - but did not take any money so no raffle tickets and my dog is stressed at these kind of things so didn't purchase a professional photo of her as I left her home. My time is my contribution.
- Hubby followed up on getting the sprinkler system leak fixed that was creating a pool of water (complete with tiny frog!) next to our house. The HOA fixed it which is why we pay our monthly fee.
- So far so good on my 3 month clothes buying spending freeze.
- After 2 years and 2 months we are still managing with one car!

So far in 2 years of retirement we are being able to spend less than comes in so we can continue to add to our savings or make significant gifts to our adult kids. I know this won't continue especially if we do move to a more expensive housing market and the single family home maintenance but it has been lovely.


  1. You practise some very wise money-saving strategies! I spend too much on restaurant meals. I read library books or used books now. My friends trade books. I'm buying fewer clothes and I'm having fewer hair services.

    1. Oh I didn't list restaurant meals but we also spend a lot on them. It is entertainment as well as a kitchen break. Love the library and sharing books. Good additions - thanks.

  2. We love to eat out as well, one of the reasons for tightening the budget. I'm not good about taking the leftovers home though so I often get an appetizer, salad and dessert. I love library book sales.

    1. I love library book sales too and really love that my current library has a used bookstore open 6 days a week.

  3. When I read that you and your husband are washing your own screens and windows--gradually--I smiled. There are many things my hubby and I are able to do if we pace ourselves. In the past, we zipped through tasks, but not so much anymore. I've adopted a buying freeze on clothes, too. I used to make more impulse purchases, but now I try to stick to my plan. TFS with us Juhli!

  4. I think the one car has probably saved you arm loads of money over the years. Great idea.

    1. 2 years and counting so far! Not possible to have one car when we were working given where we lived and worked.


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