Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Gifting - Tis the season

So far so good on this year's attempt to gift what the recipients will really enjoy without overwhelming them with stuff or slavishly following their list LOL.

The deer ornament I sent our 2 year old granddaughter looked a lot like this one but was standing up and had antlers. I hear it was a big hit, got hung on the tree immediately and is pointed at when she passes by LOL. Little gifts for a little girl is my theme for her this year and I am spacing them out and avoiding Christmas day totally. Next up is a fleece type top with a sparkly "little pony"  on the front and sparkle tights. Legos, llamas, "Little Ponies", singing and tubas are her current passions.

It is her Mom's birthday today and I did go for buying from her list for this occasion. A gift card to a clothing shop as I am not there to have the fun of shopping with her. A joint gift for her and our son is going in the mail soon with an open me now tag.

Our local son and DIL have asked to scale back to stocking type gifts/consumables so I am filling a Christmas gift bag with those types of things and having fun shopping for them. I haven't figured out what to do for this son's January 3rd birthday though. How can it be that he will be 48?

Are you having fun with gift planning, making and/or purchasing this year? Hope you are!


  1. I enjoy the gift planning and giving. It's so much more scaled back with most of the gifts going to the kids in the circle. I have an adult son born on Christmas day and a nephew with a Dec 21 birthday so I appreciate the double whammy. I like to find interesting books for my son's gift. He can usually predict the gift of work wear. Opening the stockings never gets old. I just found a unicorn ornament for my great-niece. I also enjoy preparing kitchen gifts - home made candy, snacks, cookies. I also try to include experiences. We just attended Tom Jackson's Huron Carole and a local dinner theatre. Just like a vacation, half the fun is in the planning.

    1. I agree that planning and anticipation is at least half the fun!


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