Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September wrap up

September was all about family and being active!

I've joined up with Leslie and other bloggers to keep track of the month with a sentence (or more) a day. There's a link up below if you'd like to see what others have done or join in.

1 - 4
My 69th birthday was on September 1st and I spend that day and the rest of Labor Day weekend with my younger son, DIL and granddaughter at their new house in Berkeley. There was a made to order birthday dinner (chili and strawberry shortcake - much more delicious than it might sound) and a little voice singing Happy Birthday Nanna. Also a visit to a little farm and a little train ride, a trip into San Francisco involving buses and BART followed by a walk along the waterfront and many viewings of "BOATS! WATER!" with much excitement by an almost 2 year old. A visit to the Exploratorium too. Helping with unpacking, weeding,  and general getting the house set up. Reading toddler books, building with legos and making playdough creatures. Wonderful. Then a drive home with another stop at our favorite Pismo Beach cafe (this time for BLAT sandwiches and a large side salad).
A train ride in the park
5 & 6Catch up day of bill paying, laundry, groceries, dog grooming appointment, flu shot, a chat with a neighbor, and there may have been some Chardonnay involved. The next day I pruned the bushes that are our responsibility, returned a plant to Home Depot, took a walk and browsed the internet!

Had a lovely time at my Women's Club book discussion group but Hubby is sick so unfortunately he had to reschedule his lunch with an old friend and I was tired so I picked up some ready made food.

Getting the stuff of life done: washed sheets and towels, mended, filed paperwork, ran errands for Women's Club and Pet Club, emailed my brother details about wedding weekend and visit after, cancelled Monday's massage as am feeling like I am getting sick after DH's 4 day illness (yuck and sigh - I really wanted that massage).

But then DH cooked dinner, I took more Tylenol and felt well enough to watch The Notorious RBG - wow!

Sold raffle tickets for a Pet Club fundraiser this morning wearing an outfit that received compliments of "adorable" and "hip" (neither of which I have ever been called since memory began LOL)
Tennies since I had to walk home. The dog is saying those shoes are for dog walking!!!
Haircut, more stuff for Pet Club, library, cooked dinner, took a family dog walk afterwards.

My women's club started meeting again after summer break so had a chance to get to know more of these lovely women better, eat a delicious lunch and here a live performance of some excerpts from Puccini operas plus all of us September birthday girls got balloons.

What a great Pet Club event - a potluck lunch followed by an exotic animal show put on by students in the Moorpark College animal trainer program AND we raised $532 from our raffle!

15 - 17
Errands plus casual dinner out Saturday night. Found out Home Depot can't copy my car key so I will have to go to the dealership, picked up a pair of olive jeans and a top at Macy's, grocery shopped and did some laundry. The dog saw a rabbit sitting still while we were on a walk and didn't know what to make of it until it moved and then she decided it was something to chase lol.

Follow up visit to dermatologist and cancerous spot on my nose had another round of freezing and so did another spot.

19 -20
Drove over to my son and DIL-to-be's home to have lunch with them and her parents and younger brother who just arrived for this weekend's wedding. Prepared for dog sitter to stay the weekend.

21 - 23
Wedding weekend! Pub crawl, final venue set up, "I Do BBQ" wedding event, brunch at Santa Anita race track followed by a stables tour and wedding venue clear out. Came home to a coping pretty well dog.

24 - 25
Caught up on household chores and prepared for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive.

Took them to the Reagan Library & Museum which is quite interesting no matter what your politics are.

Coastal day: Maritime Museum which has lots of ship models and paintings, beach boardwalk and Ventura pier, tacos on the pier and later dinner outside at a wine and beer bistro here in Camarillo.

Korean turtle ship with spikes to keep Japanese warriors from boarding
A ship designed by a king of Sweden that was so top heavy that it sank upon launching
Murphy Auto Museum and Heritage Square in Oxnard followed by a great lunch on a patio at a new to us Italian restaurant in Oxnard's Heritage Square.

29 - 30
Catch up on chores and errands.


  1. I'd love to know the cafe in Pismo beach. We'll be down that way in a few weeks.

    1. It is the Honeymoon Cafe only open from 8 - 2. Nice outside seating that works with dogs. Kind of funky.

  2. You've had a full month. My September birthday turned into a 3-day celebration with dinner & concert with my sister, then dinner and cards with friends, then a fall tour and dinner with another friend. I see that the flu vaccine is available in the US much sooner than in Alberta; it's not available here until >Oct 15. My granddaughters visited the last week in Aug so I took them home on the Sept long w/e and got to visit their dad and go on a prairie train ride. The grass was mowed for the last time, the garden cleaned out and summer furniture/ornaments put away. There has already been snow and the temperature has been unseasonably cool. I am glad I'm not a farmer. I took in 2 great concerts - Jamey Johnson & Steve Earle as well as hosted the first of this season's Home Routes concerts. There's been lots of socializing over cards, dinners, a wedding celebration, house guests, clean-up at the local community association site. Processing the garden produce is underway with stewed tomatoes, pickled beets. The carrots will be next. I even got called upon at the last minute to babysit a neighbor's child which is always interesting when I'm so used to uninterrupted time. Life is full.

    1. Sounds like a great and busy month for you!

  3. Wow, a productive month ... family, fun, fundraising, and a skin check. I think I managed to get about half as much done as you did in Sept.

  4. Love the train photo! I really want to see The Notorious RBG. Glad you're taking care of your nose - I have a prominent one, and I'm sure I'll be doing the same eventually. But you did lots of fun things, too! - Dar at anexactinglife

    1. Thanks Dar! I love the train photo too. And I didn't post many photos of my son's wedding but it was fabulous and much fun and love in attendance.

  5. Happiest of birthdays Juhli!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better, because it's no fun to feel bad on your birthday month. We end up celebrating the entire month nowadays...why not??

    1. Thank you! It was a month of celebrating and a lot of fun.

  6. September looks like a fabulous month for you, Juhli, with your birthday, your son's wedding, and other fun activities. The train ride photo captures everyone's joy. Have a wonderful October!

    1. Thanks! The train ride was joyful except the first time through the tunnel which caused the little person to sob. Better the 2nd time though.

  7. What a busy month! I love the photo of your dog expecting to go on a walk because you had 'dog walking shoes' on - ours would be the same!

  8. My gravy, you look so precious in your the skirt, the tuck on your top, the scarf and your pup's obvious admiration and approval.

    Sounds like your son and family treated you to a special birthday weekend. So much fun to witness our grandbabies' awe at the world. Will be going to a balloon fest with Lucia this coming weeked. I can hardly wait to see her delight!

    How does your book club decide what to read next? I started a virtual book club this summer and was tickled that the members voted to continue reading on into fall. We have been voting for our next read but wondered how other clubs work.

    Your comment about having the cancerous spots on your nose frozen served to remind me that I need to get in for a body scan. I am covered with sun spots/liver spots or polka dots of some sort. Too much sunbathing and lounging at the pool and beach in my younger years. Just want to make sure nothing looks worrisome. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Leslie. The book discussion group I am currently in is part of the local Women's Club and is designed so you read what you want and share so others may get ideas too. It was set up over 100 years ago as an educational program and has reading categories and awards too. The one I was in in Atlanta we decided at the end of each meeting in an unofficial voting process of enthusiasm. We all suggested books to consider. Most of us had had a lot of wine by that point so it wasn't a formal discussion lol. But then that group was a social group so if you didn't read the assigned book you came anyway. A friend's group decided on the whole year's reading in advance and held very serious discussions. So many ways to do it.


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