Monday, October 1, 2018

11 Goals for 11 Months

Focus! It has been hard to do that since our big move project was over with but I am going to try again. Just in time to turn 70 on 9/1/19. That gives me 11 months so there are 11 goals!

Additional ideas are very welcome.


Get off my butt - or at least off the computer!
1. Develop a yoga practice of 3 days a week. I like the yoga studio nearby.

2. Build up to swimming laps and/or going to gym 3 days a week. This will utilize my HOA facilities.

More experiences!
3. Become more involved in my women's club including at next level (regional). I can do this by raising my hand more often.

4. Plan and take a vacation before I turn 70. Perhaps Santa Fe and Taos in the spring?

5. Find and book regular live theater or other performance outings

Love and be loved!
6. Family time! Spend as much time as possible doing things with Hubby that we both enjoy. Ditto to spending as much time as possible with our sons, DILs and granddaughter. Throw in a dash of time with FIL, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.

7. Friend time!

Surprise myself!
8. Try new things with hopes of developing new interests and learning.

Get more done!
9. Create plan for redoing guest bath and complete

10. Fill out my wardrobe for each season with emphasis on cool weather items, shoes and coats. Have fun doing it. Make a plan!

11. Check off more small tasks:
      - Find a way to make car seats comfortable for long drives
      - Find a new internist & have preventive exams
      - Carpet cleaned
      - Give paints to cousin who is painting again (I seem to have stopped)
      - Develop a list of healthy lunches that keep me from eating before dinner.
      - Replace bed pillows and other linens as needed
      - Develop a weekly routine with one errand day, exercise, etc.
      - Make a monthly chart of medical appts, car servicing, irregular bills, travel, etc.
      - Etc.


  1. Great list. Santa Fe and Taos is one of my favortie places to go and we do it every other year-but admittedly we are just a five and a half hour drive away. I prefer it in the summer, but then I don't have heat issues as such.

    1. I would love to hear about where you stay, eat and sightsee while there!


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