Thursday, August 2, 2018

July in a sentence a day

I've rejoined the group of lovely bloggers (organized by Leslie) who are keeping a diary by writing a sentence a day and posting each month. See what they all were up to by clicking on the links at the end of my post.


1st - I had a quiet day at and near home doing laundry, walking the dog and doing all the June month-end financial bookkeeping.

2nd - Kicked off the week right with a one and a half hour yoga class and a Pet Club board meeting.

3rd - Attended a fun Independence Day lunch and show where a quite good trio called The Sweethearts sang songs of the 1940s and 50s.

4th - Cleaned the house thoroughly, washed our clothes, stretched, did some paperwork and made a healthy lunch of poached egg over a spinach salad.

5th - OMG, about 6 months after starting the effort to add DH as co-owner of an online CD I was finally able to do it after they changed their online site and we spent about 2 hours struggling with how to make the changes required online; I followed this success with a one hour massage - happy!

6th - Another OMG as I finally went to a podiatrist and found that the toenail problem I thought was due to a fungus is the result of an injury 4+ years ago and can be fixed but I have been using the wrong treatment all these years!

7th - Finally found the bride and my online style group approved dress for my older son's outdoor "I Do BBQ" wedding where it will be hot or hotter - and it was on sale too.

8th - Tired of being in the house and too hot to hang out outside unless in the pool so I went to the library to hear the AHH! Capella group sing and the AC was out at the library lol.
9th - Sad news this morning as we learned my husband's 91 year old uncle died so we spent part of the afternoon with his aunt and cousin but also made it home in time for me to go to the Pet Club event about raptors.

10th - Had quite a stimulating discussion with my hair stylist about world events, politics and the reason he lowered his prices for short hair cuts for women (to charge the same for women as he does men who have short hair - cool!).

11th - When the highlight of your day is going to the dentist you need to plan better.

12th - We attended an uncle's funeral this afternoon and as our aunt said, "it wasn't sad" but rather uplifting.

13th - I locked myself out of the house without my phone, but security was able to get in through an unlocked window (bonus is that now know are locks are not keyed to the master so need to be changed).

14th - I seem to be getting too good at ordering things that don't fit and then having to return them by driving around as I did this morning.

15th - Met Son and DIL for ice cream as they drove by on the way back from a visit to friends.

16th - Cleaned the house - enough said.

17th - A very fun evening at an outdoor concert right here in Leisure Village with jazz and blues performed by the “Groovin’ Easy Big Band” with friends to chat with and homemade pineapple upside down cake served.

18th - Hosted a volunteer board meeting.

19th - Called my big brother with happy birthday wishes and met with a potential dog sitter for upcoming wedding weekend.

20th - I finally went in my community's pool but kept getting water in my mouth when trying to take a breath - why is that?

21st - A 3 activity day: visit to the modern Port Hueneme lighthouse on a gray day with a good explanation of how a Fresnel lens works and how the old lighthouse was moved across the port on a barge, lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, and then a 90th birthday celebration for a beloved aunt.

22nd - Latest round of returning online clothing and shoe orders - le sigh.

23rd - Went to sign up for 2 week long private swim lessons starting 7/30 (as my attempt at lap swimming showed me I need a brush up on swim technique) and learned that everyone goes on a wait list until the instructor roster is final and then they call you if you get a space.

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate24th - It was a tough assignment, but I stuck with it and researched in person the best bakeries in town with justifiable sampling along the way.
Spiced chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, whipped cream, cinnamon dust, and chocolate shavings. Photo from website as mine was eaten before thinking about pictures!

25th - Lunch at a new to me restaurant with a new friend and I would go back again as it was tasty and pleasant.

26th - I volunteered to be the Pet Club rep at the new resident welcome meeting so that was my evening.

27th - We had planned to be driving to Berkeley today for a weekend visit with our son and his family but their house closing was delayed so we have 4 unplanned days to fill.

28th - Saw the latest Mission Impossible movie with my sweetie and then we had dinner at the Thai Peru restaurant and, yes, the owners are Thais from Peru.

29th - It was so satisfying to be able to provide an online friend with lots of recommendations and connections in the part of Atlanta where she is moving.

30th - My first of 8 private swimming lessons was early this morning and I learned a lot to help me swim laps more effectively and I won the picnic basket raffle at my Trader Joes - look at all that and a basket too!

31st - Its a wrap with another swim lesson and the dog's routine monthly shot at the vet.


  1. July has been full. There have been many hours of grass cutting with my big yard and my mother's. Hours of preparation culminated in the amateur rodeo @ the beginning of the month with 8-12 hour days in the concession at the actual event. Friends perform at the Calgary Stampede in July so days ended with me watching the televised wagon races. My mom is getting frail at 85 yrs and there were 3 appointments to tend to awa some meal preparation. There was lots of socialization with a trip to see cousins visiting from TX; a coffee date with a young cousin; lunch/scrabble with friends; the monthly afternoon card party with friends; lunch & visit with an old friend; afternoon on my cousin's pontoon boat one hot Sunday; Lexi time with my 9 mo old great niece. The garden bounty peaks in July with rhubarb, kale, raspberries & beans preserved. I don't think there's anything better than the new potatoes creamed with onions and dill; yum! There was a native dance concert featuring Metis, First Nations & Maori performers and a fiddlers performance the following week. I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor with mornings/afternoons on the porch with a cup of coffee or cold drink and a good book (currently reading "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" by Gail Honeyman). And people ask - what do you do all day?!

    1. Wow, what a magnificent amount of socializing you had and some really fun sounding activities. I've never been on a pontoon boat but it seems like it would be relaxing.

  2. First I absolutely love that dress---it's perfect on you.
    And when my mom says that about going to the dentist (you know, I'm a retired dentist), I remind her that we are blessed to have the option to take care of our teeth...LOL!
    As for online ordering, I end up ordering a couple of sizes of the same thing. Sure, I still have to return the ones that didn't fit, but at least there is some success. I figure I take more than one size in the dressing room, so what's the difference?
    Fabulous month!!

    1. You are so right about the dentist although we have been swamped with dental visits. Hubby is in the midst of the implant process and the dog had 4 teeth extracted yesterday during a cleaning. I'm the lucky one!

  3. Lovely to read about your month! Isn t this just so much fun!

  4. So glad to have you back with us. I am much delinquent in reading and responding to everyone's post but really enjoy reading these.
    Your BBQ I Do dress is darling. What a great fit and those colors are lovely on you. For whatever other items you had to return last month, you sure have a winner in this dress.
    Bravo to your hair dresser for lowering prices on short hair cuts. That is only fair!! My gal was flabbergasted that I didn't want her to spend a half hour curling and straightening and curling and blow drying and teasing and curling my hair. I told her I would just hang my head out the car window to let my hair dry on the way home! Ha!
    Wish you could give me swimming lessons now that you are becoming a pro. I manage to get up and down the length of the pool but it 'ain't pretty'!


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