Friday, June 29, 2018

Looking Forward - July on the Horizon

Whew, June is at an end and I'm hoping for a healthier July all around. Even the dog was sick yesterday but $200 later to the vet and she is feeling better today. Must have been something she ate outside but she was dehydrated and our carpet is worse for wear lol.

The best part of June was my trip to N. Cal to see granddaughter and her parents! Such a fun age. Then we got word that their offer on a great house in Berkeley was accepted so sometime in August we will drive up and help them settle into their new home.

So tomorrow, the last day of June, we are taking my FIL and Hubby's great aunt to the house of a friend of theirs for lunch. I made brownies to take and that is all the planning going into this. We have been getting some things on the calendar for July.

We are going to the HOA 4th of July luncheon and talking about exploring the lighthouse and some other things in Oxnard. I've got a book discussion group get together, massage & haircut booked. Also a birds of prey show as the monthly Pet Club meeting. We will get some more fun things and adventures penciled in hopefully.

I'm determined to use the pool in July and make some seasonal meals using farmer's market goodies. I ordered some sandals and a casual dress for hot days so fingers crossed!

What's on your schedule for July?


  1. Hi Juhli, so happy to hear that a) your life in your new digs is continuing to fill up, and b) you were able to visit your granddaughter again! We leave in just a couple of days to fly out to visit ours, including our newest little girl, born two weeks ago. :-)

    Which is the best thing happening in July for sure! Otherwise, we will be doing a number of training hikes for an early August backpack, hanging by the ocean, attending lots of summer concerts in the park, plus, hopefully, enjoying our completed backyard viewing deck!

    1. Congratulations on your new granddaughter!

  2. What a doll! Definitely a fun age as they explore and learn. Love watching those little wheels turning as they figure things out. :)

  3. So cute! We spent Canada Day at our local Salmon Festival. My husband's band played there and at our Monday pool party/barbecue for our HOA. Like you, I don't use the pool often enough. I've got to get some new books today as I've been reading a lot lately. I tried out a new walking group yesterday and I'm meeting a neighbour for dinner today. July could fly by1


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