Friday, May 18, 2018

Five for Friday - 5/18/18: Mother's Day, FIL hospitalized & dog scores 2nd breakfast

Got you interested with the dog's 2nd breakfast didn't I?

1. My FIL was hospitalized on this past Friday and went home on Tuesday doing much better. This is why we moved close to him as my Hubby was able to spend a lot of time with him in ER and then the hospital without having horrible commutes to do so.

2. We had a lovely Mother's Day weekend despite FIL being hospitalized on Friday. We spent the weekend with my older son and his fiancee and their dog staying over at our house on Saturday. A fun time playing ping-pong and bocce ball after walking the dogs and then a very enjoyable dinner out. Sunday everyone but me fixed brunch and while they were busy our dog cleaned out the other dog's breakfast bowl. She sauntered into the living room licking her chops with a very full belly and very happy! After breakfast we all went to visit FIL and then came back for more time together before they headed home to get ready for the work week. This kind of time together is what moving back to California was all about.

3. I'm doing two wardrobe challenges right now to find more ways to use what I have. The first is 100 outfits in 100 days - all unique - and I've made it to Day 13 so far. The second is a 10 items plus 5 accessories for a week. So far these are my favorite new combinations. I seem to be in a flower  period.

4. It seems to be pets have priority week. I am cat sitting for a neighbor and finally switched vets for our dog. I wasn't thrilled with the one we had lined up during our move and hear really good things about this one. Bonus is that the new vet office is within walking distance.

5. I finally have a wedding prep project that doesn't involve looking for clothes to wear! I am sewing pillow covers for large pillow that will be on quilts on the grass to add seating at the event. Easy peasy.

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