Friday, April 13, 2018

Five for Friday

I started out taking care of business and then moved on to other activities.

1. On Friday I booked the recall air bag inflator replacement work at car dealer, scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist, and finally got the results of my 3/28 ultrasound. Good news: no evidence of an abdominal aorta aneurysm. Moved on to giving myself a manicure, cleaning dog's ears, taking a walk and ordering 2 more dresses to try.

2. Hubby spent the weekend helping our son paint in Berkeley in prep for selling their house. He also go to spend time with our granddaughter. I just got a photo, but it is a very cute one! And he had some good stories to share about her at 16 months.

3. Poor dog had diarrhea again for 2 days. I am always afraid that it means her liver is having problems which can be a consequence of Addison's disease. More likely she ate some rabbit poop or something else while on a walk! Anyway, I had pills on hand that I gave her and also fed her rice and cottage cheese. She was still perky and has a good appetite so I simply waited it out rather than going to the vet, but it did keep me at home.

4. I am still on the search for clothes for the 3 day wedding weekend in September and now for another of Hubby's aunt's 90th birthday party in July. I decided to go to Ventura to a different Macy's and tried on a bunch of dresses which was instructive as to what styles and colors might work. I also learned better how to get to that mall. I have 6 dresses ordered to try on from 4 different vendors. Whew! Hopefully some will be just right.

5. Trying new things Introvert version:
- I went to a book club at the library and it was an interesting discussion with little opportunity to get to know people. However, I did see one of the women later at the clubhouse in my community so maybe it will work over time.
- Went to a lunch meeting at the local women's club chapter. Lovely, vibrant group and so social I needed to have time alone afterwards LOL. What a demonstration of how an introvert feels in a group of extroverts.


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  2. EhannaApril 13, 2018 at 9:00 PM
    Fellow introvert here. I can relate to your need for time alone after your women's club meeting. I enjoy a certain amount of socializing, but I need time afterwards to be quiet and decompress. It's great that you are making efforts to meet people in your new town. We moved to a new place about 2 years ago, and I finally feel that we are part of a small and satisfying social circle. It took time and occasionally stepping out of a comfort zone.

    1. It does take time after a major move and the key is to not only find people who are part of your "tribe" but are also open to new friendships. I am going to join the group and see how it goes.

  3. Hahaha, that photo IS a really cute one! She matches her shirt! :)

    You are doing so much better than I did at getting out there. The first few years we lived here I worked in our previous city and commuted. Seeing my old friends and not having time to meet friends in new community meant I didn't stretch myself to connect with people. I guess it's never too late. :)

    1. My husband has had the same experience as you in that he continued to work for a while after our move and had all the social contact he wanted. Now that he is retired he has gotten active in pickle ball and met lots of people but not any close friends yet.

  4. I don't know if this will make you feel better, but as a definite extrovert (meaning I pull energy from being around other people, rather than from just myself), I likewise need downtime after a big social event. They can be exhausting, even if enjoyable!

    You are doing so well, Juhli. It's very obvious when comparing your post just now to those you wrote just a few months into your relocation.

    On my end, doing joint activities such as walks and hikes has been a terrific way to get to know people. You are together for several hours with minimal distractions, so the conversation just flows, and you can pretty quickly see who you are attracted to, personal interests and energy/intensity wise, vs. who you are not. Plus, additional activities always seem to come out of each get together.

    1. Yes, I can see how your active lifestyle leads to more friendships. I'm slowly walking further to build up without joint and foot pain but not nearly ready for long distances. Hopefully eventually.


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