Friday, April 6, 2018

Five for Friday - Easter Edition

We spent Easter weekend at my son and his fiancee's home in Pasadena. The rest of the week was the usual mix of random and planned activities.

1. Saturday midday we went to view their fall wedding venue. It will be outside and the space is perfect for a BBQ with a wedding ceremony in the middle. The ceremony will be in front of this.

2. Saturday night they hosted a dinner party for which I made The Prudent Homemaker's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting .  Sunday morning they hosted a brunch and egg decorating get together for which I made a coffee cake that won't be made again! Still it was almost all gone as were half the banana nut muffins I took along in case it wasn't good. They always throw such a nice party with special touches such as these edible pansies in the mimosas.

3. After stating that I never find any clothing at my local Goodwill, I popped in to look for some decor wanted for the wedding and found a perfect for me cardigan. So this is my favorite outfit of the week.

4. After over 2 decades of knowing it existed, we stopped by the Somis Nut House which is a rather ramshackle building in a farming area. Turns out they survive by doing a big online business but we found a few things we wanted to buy and then headed to lunch at the Somis Cafe and Market. We used to eat there with my FIL and MIL back when they lived in Somis. Glad we went but its all not on our list to revisit.

5. Thursday the termite specialist drilled holes in our living room floor to inject pesticide underground in an effort to kill the subterranean termite colony that has been munching on our home for who knows how long.

AND one more -

Felt an earthquake midday on Thursday for the first time since moving back to California. It was quite a ways off the coast so just a little short shake. Guess we truly are Californians once again. The dog didn't like it BTW.

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  1. Pretty venue, mimosa makes me wish for one, love the outfit, and I visited CA many years ago and was treated to a couple of tremors. :)


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