Friday, March 23, 2018

Five for Friday

Another week:

1. Despite my moaning about online clothes shopping I did order some more items but this time from Macy's so I can return them in store as needed. I'm keeping one pair of capris. I also finally found new Asics walking/athletic shoes that are comfortable and kept both white and silver pairs. Thanks Amazon for the free return policy.

2. I bought tickets for a play at a small theatre in town so we can try it out.

3. We found out that the Reagan Library has a big Genghis Khan exhibit going on until mid-August so we will pick a time to go.  I went there once long ago when my younger son was in elementary school and had to write a report on a President. It was generally interesting as a lot of the exhibit was about the presidency and its history in general and then there is the chance to step into a decommissioned Air Force One.

4. We finally bought 2 desk chairs. It is like the Mama and Papa bear chairs in that we each chose a different one that was really comfortable for us. Much better than our extra dining room chairs!

5. Just when we thought we had our home repairs under control we got a termite swarm. Termite guy coming on Tuesday morning!


  1. That Genghis Khan exhibit sounds like it will be great to see.

    1. It sounds good to us too. I'll let you know.

  2. We make a point of visiting exhibitions, the theatre, films etc now. It is so easy to let the days slip by and do nothing. I visited a small exhibition on the suffragette movement last month. It was free entry as it was in the main Worcester library. Super exhibits and really interesting.
    I hope you get the termites sorted quickly. So glad we don’t have them here in the UK. It sounds like you had a good week.

    1. The exhibition about the suffragette movement sounds very interesting. Subterranean termites are an ongoing problem here and we knew there had been a problem as we had it treated before we moved in. One year later they are back!


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