Friday, March 30, 2018

Five for Friday and some favorites of the week

Family, preventive health care screening, home maintenance, exercise, finances and food prep for Easter fun. This week had it all.

1. Saturday evening we took a trek across the San Fernando Valley to attend Hubby's aunt's 90th birthday gathering. She had been looking forward to and talking about this milestone party for 2 years. It was a nice gathering and people came from far away to celebrate. Always lovely and encouraging to see the 20-something nieces, nephews and cousins doing so well.

2. My father had an abdominal aorta aneurysm that was found while they were trying to diagnose a back problem so he was able to have it fixed. He fell into the high risk category for this - white, male, smoker early in life. However although I am not male and never smoked since he had one I fall into the high risk category too and could get a free ultrasound scan to check once I was on Medicare. I went on Wednesday and had it done because it is fixable and potentially deadly if you have it and don't fix it. Thanks to Medicare and our secondary insurance it was no cost to me. The tech said "no need to worry but I didn't tell you anything". Still will get the results from the Dr's office.

3. I've vacuumed up all the dead termites I can find and the termite professional says we have to pull back the carpet along one wall in the living room. Then he will drill through the slab quite a ways into the soil and inject a pesticide to hopefully kill the subterranean termite colony. Price is just a little more than what we paid last Spring for a different treatment that worked in that it caused them to enter the house in a different location! We will probably have to get a carpet installer out to re-stretch the carpet, but we'll see how it looks once it is back in place. Home maintenance is endless isn't it?

4. I'm 7 days into my 21 day walking challenge and haven't missed a day yet. My legs are feeling tired at night!

5. Remember my complaining about shopping online? I took advantage of a one month free offer to get 10% off and a $10 return cost rebate for the dress I bought in 3 different sizes before I got one that fit right. I made sure to cancel the membership before the monthly fee kicked in.

Bonus: I only took a year to get this one hung up. A hand painted memento of our time in Atlanta. I used a photo of a flower on our own magnolia tree as the model.

This week's favorites?

Meals out: We tried to go out for pizza and beer at the local Institution Ale brewery but it was packed with an event in progress so we went to The Curry Leaf for Indian food. That led to a discussion of how many Camarillo restaurants we have found are ones we return to. Add in Bandit's Grill and Mama Hummus and there is the list LOL. We are still searching for favorite Mexican and Thai restaurants.

Dinner at home: Pan fried tilapia with mixed veggies and rice.

Outfits: Apparently it was blue and ivory week!

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  1. Oh, termites! Acccckkkkk! Glad you found a way to get a dress that fit, and love those two outfits!


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