Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One year ago

Since yesterday was my FIL's 91st birthday, I know it was a year ago that we were hanging out in Camarillo, CA a year ago to be around while our now retirement home was being inspected.

Earlier that week we had flown from Atlanta to S. California with several missions.

- Buy one of the 5 homes that met our size and price requirements and were on the market in the location we had picked.

- Help hold a 90th birthday party for my FIL and enjoy time with our family.

- Do a bit of scouting in our soon to be home town such as finding a vet, the library, grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters and generally beginning to learn our way around. Plus of course walking by the beach about 15 minutes away.

- Drive to Berkeley to spend time with our then 3 1/2 month old granddaughter. Hubby then flew home to go back to work and take care of our dog while I stayed and provided day care for a while so they could wait until she was 4 months to send her to day care.

During all of this we learned how to use our phones to sign legal documents, send money transfers and generally handle all the details of selling one house and buying another from a distance. It all felt a bit audacious as a plan but it worked out thankfully.

I'm very glad we didn't have to buy a home that needed lots of remodeling or, the more likely scenario if that was the case, decide to rent for a year. That would have required another trip out and more location decisions and well as some different financial planning. I also think it would have been harder for us to build connections in our new location as most non-retirement neighborhoods empty out during week days as everyone heads to work or school.

It is all working out a year later or (as we answer the question of how do  you like it here?) it is all good so far.

I think I need a new huge, audacious project though!

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