Thursday, November 23, 2017

Feeling full of memories and making new ones

I think Thanksgiving can easily be one the more emotional holidays. All that family togetherness - or not. Today though I am thinking of my childhood Thanksgivings in the finished basement of my grandparents' house in Champaign, IL where I grew up.

They had a quite large dining room table down there in the main room and it was always full as my Grandma came from a large family. My Mom was always so happy to be with everyone. This was her step-family but she didn't remember her mother who died when she was quite little so this was Mom's family and she loved her "Mom" fiercely.I was Grandpa's girl and loved to hang out with him while he carved the turkey which was placed on a cutting board on top of the washing machine in a back room LOL. Good memories.

Then there are the Thanksgivings when I was alone or with friends. Others when it was just Hubby and I or our kids came to our house. Trips to New Hampshire to have Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, SIL and nephews also are part of my good memories. I have other good memories of Thanksgiving's at my in-laws house. They enfolded my older son and I into their family with great love and Thanksgiving at their house was quite an occasion.

Today my 90 year old FIL will be at our house for Thanksgiving and I am thankful that we are living close again and can do that for him. We also will host my older son and his sweetie (who are coming early to help with the cooking and prep!), my BIL, my husband's great-aunt and distant cousin. 8 is enough as we can still squeeze in around our dining table. No giant table in the basement for us.

We will try to make lovely new memories today and hold those we love close.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones whether or not you are able to be with them on this day.

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