Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Goals and Fabulous Family Time

Wow, that was fun! We had both sons, DILs, their dogs and our baby granddaughter at our house for Labor Day (aka my birthday weekend) and it was so much fun!

Here is the precious one.

They are all back  home and ready to work again now and we and our dog are catching up on our sleep.

Today I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in September and trying to focus on the most important things. My list of goals - dreams perhaps?

I am so excited that one of my East coast cousins and her husband are in California on vacation and it looks like we can meet up.


Family and Friends Related
·        Meet up with cousins during their vacation
·        Go to visit granddaughter using credit with Southwest plus some more
·        Have lunch with elderly aunt and uncle
·        Arrange to get together with another cousin and an old friend
·        Write aunt and a cousin
·        Call friend in former location to hear about her vacation in Italy

·        Pick out a pattern to make a small cross body purse and get fabric
·        Keep promise to myself by stretching and exercising daily
·        Add one more weekly activity to my yoga class and OLLI class
·        Get flu shot

Cross Country Move Related:
·        Schedule handyman service for:
-        Recirculating pump installed and outlet under sink removed
-        Holes in attic firewall between garage and living area repaired
-        Back door threshold repair
·        Shutters for family room window ordered
·        Update wills, power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living trust
·        Identify items needed for earthquake/emergency supplies & bug out kits for home & car; start purchasing

Retirement Related:
·        Hubby sign up for Medicare Parts A & B


  1. Our list of to do things tend to be long, as I see yours is. I aim to visit my husband's memorial bench which is being installed in a park this week and go to a first session of Griefshare. Plus lunch today with friends.

  2. What a momentous time the memorial bench installation must be for you. Take care.

  3. Your goals sound terrific, and you've inspired me to do same once our current remodel is done and life settles back down a bit.

    You positively exude happiness when sharing about your granddaughter! I would imagine you are very happy to now be within driving distance of her rather than 3000 miles away in Georgia.

    1. Being with her, my sons and DILs does make me very happy! I am probably going to Berkeley for an extra visit at the end of Sept. too.

  4. That grandbaby is a jewel for sure. Glad you have plans to go see her very soon. They grow and change so quickly at that age.

    Thanks for the reminder about the flu shot. I need to get mine, too.

    Wonderful that the family was all together. Nothing better in this world.


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